Self-Control, discipline, prioritizing needs and being flexible to embrace changes helped me accomplish the task; says Sangh Priy (AIR 92; CSE 2017)

Sangh Priy, a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Kanpur has secured 92nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2017. He has achieved this splendid success in his second attempt.

Making a cross-domain shift, he had picked up Literature of Hindi Language as optional subject.


Sangh Priy, an IITian, had always considered ‘Civil Service’ as the best career destination according to his interest and aptitude. He did his schooling (6th to 12th) from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Kanpur Dehat.

After that, he completed his graduation (B.Tech) in 2015 from IIT Kanpur in Mechanical Engineering. In concluding months of his graduation in IIT, he made his mind to pursue career in civil services.

Expressing his views how he got attracted towards career in Civil Service, Sangh Priy said, “This is the service which provides platform and opportunity to work directly for the people and with such wide social impact. It gives opportunity to work in diverse areas. Hence I see Civil Services as the best according to my personality traits."

Revealing beginner’s mindset, Sangh Priy said, “Initially when I started my preparation, I talked to few aspirants regarding books and coaching. I also took help from information available on internet. Thus I exposed myself to multiple advices and ultimately I decided based on my strengths and weakness.”

“Among all, choice of my optional subject was strategic and after due consideration I decided in favour of Literature of Hindi Language as my optional subject. Among many factors, guidance I got from Kumar Ajay Sir (Samvaad IAS) played a vital role in my selection”, he added.

“Besides my choices, there were many factors that contributed in my success and these are:

    • The ability to exert self-control,
    • Listing the priorities of life and not compromising on the top priority (i.e. Academics; for me it was academics), 
    • Discipline along with hard work in right direction and
    • Flexibility to bring necessary changes in myself as per the need of circumstances.”

Letting know a little about his family & their contribution, Sangh Priy said, “I am from rural background and belong to lower middle class family. My father is health supervisor in Community Health Centre. My mother is homemaker. My family always stood by my every decision whether it was pursuing engineering or coming for preparation for Civil Services Examination. They respected my decision and provided financial and mental support which is very crucial to prepare with stable mind. They always encouraged me and helped me to realize my potential.”

To motivate future aspirants, Sangh Priy said, “It does not matter from where you begin, what matters is where you have to reach. Thus bring changes in yourself and your preparation strategy according to the need of the examination.”

“I studied social science subjects in Hindi during my school days; so, when I started my preparation for Civil Services Examination, I began by studying both Hindi and English NCERTs simultaneously.”

“I chose English as the medium in CSE because I was comfortable in English as well; but, lacked vocabulary and I had belief that I would do good if I was able to gather vocabulary.”

Conveying his feelings that achieving success in Civil Services Examination is not that tough as people perceive, Sangh Priy said, “If I am able to do it initiating my endeavor from that level, everyone can do it.”

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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