“Faith in God and unwavering support of the family helped me accomplish my Goal”; says Ashima Mittal (AIR12; CSE 2017)

Ashima Mittal, a Civil Engineer from IIT, Mumbai has secured 12th rank in Civil Services Examination 2017. This success came to her in third attempt.

In her first attempt she faced interview but couldn’t find place in merit-list. In second effort, she had tasted the sweetness of success; but, a lower rank (AIR 328; CSE 2016) got her IRS (IT).

She had kept Anthropology as optional subject.


Career in ‘Civil Services’ was a childhood dream for Ashima Mittal, a girl from Jaipur who took intended steps at each stage to reach her career destination.

Ashima was a bright student and her parents were able to spot her talent very early. They helped her on each step and were confident every time about her success.

The journey actually begun when she cleared NTSE exam; that actually was the foundation and it steered her attention towards IIT preparation. As a result she went to IIT, Mumbai to pursue degree in Civil Engineering. After completing her graduation she had a small stint at Ernst & Young, Gurgaon before she finally made up her mind about foray in to Civil Services Examination.

Ashima was pursuing Master’s in Anthropology while preparing for Civil Services Examination and that helped her zero in on her own subject Anthropology as optional subject.

Explaining how thing fall in place, Ashima said, “Practical understanding of field realities through field work is something I consider special in my preparation. As an intern, I worked in Elementary Education and Rural Development sector with the state governments of Rajasthan and Gujarat respectively. I was involved as a volunteer with a girl’s orphanage too.”Ashima Mittal IAS

“While working with them, my ideas became clear and views got strengthened. As such, while facing Main Examination, my on-field experience helped me in handling General Studies Paper 2, Paper 4 effectively and even in optional subject” she added.

Further, faith in God and unwavering support of the family played a major role in my journey. Making acquaint with her family & their contribution in this success, Ashima said, “My father is a businessman and has played a great role in helping me prepare for this exam. He used to evaluate my answer copies many a times and used to discuss many relevant socioeconomic concepts with me.  My mother is a professor of computer science in NIT Jaipur. She is my role model and has inculcated a sense of compassion in me. I have a younger brother who is pursuing B. Tech from IIT Bombay. My brother has always shown great faith in my capabilities and helped me relax during tensed situations before exams.”

Revealing the source from where she got the right advice on preparation, Ashima said, “In the initial days, the advice came from teachers and seniors who were either already selected or had written exams many times. Eventually, toppers talks and friends played a major role in shaping my preparation strategy.”

Indicating the secret of achieving 12th rank this time Ashima said, “Balanced preparation with focus on all subjects helped me in scoring above average marks in all papers which led to a very high overall score.”

To motivate future aspirants Ashma said, “It always seems difficult until it is done. You will have fears and anxiety of your own. There will be pressure and sometimes even the path may seem unknown and lost. However, in all such situations, remember that as clouds are needed to make a beautiful sunset, so are challenges in your journey bound to come a make your success story beautiful.”

“There is a solution to every challenge. Focus your energy in right directions and keep working! If you are true to your efforts, you will 100% achieve it” she added.



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