Dedication, Hard Work, Smart Work, Consistency, and Self-belief helped me achieve my Goal, says Bipasha Kalita (AIR 41; CSE 2017)

The journey, from idea of preparing for Civil Services Examination to actually accomplishing it, is long and testing as you keep on making consistent effort; but, success sometimes comes a little late. This is what precisely happened with Bipasha Kalita from Assam who has secured 41st rank in Civil Services Examination 2017. It was her fourth attempt.

She has achieved this success with Anthropology as optional subject.


Sometimes you have to make many sacrifices to follow your dreams. You are tested time and again with unpredictability attached with Civil Services Examination; but, hope of success and the chance every attempt gives to make it happen, keeps you going.

For Bipasha Kalita (AIR 41; CSE 2017), her hopes, dreams and Goal; all these had converged at  the same theme as she was trying hard to accomplish the task she has set for herself – Career on coveted Indian Administrative Services.

Candidly speaking about her success Bipasha said, “Life has its own way of transforming things vividly; especially when you least expect it. It has been so as I was waiting for this to happen for last four years and now, when luck struck, I found my name sticking to Rank 41.”

Bipasha IAS with Bidisha IPS

I was dwelling on Civil Services Examination for so long and the effect of continuous disappointments was enough to break me, said Bipasha; but, support of my family really helped me in achieving my goal. When I failed in the last 3 attempts, they helped me regain my confidence and get back on my knees. Family support is very important to keep one strong and motivated.

A distinct advantage Bipasha had in shape of success of her younger sister Bidisha in Indian Police Service in Civil Services Examination 2015. “Her success was enough to boost my confidence and it always gave the impression that my goal is within reach”, said Bipasha.

Telling more about her family, Bipasha said, “I am from Assam, my father is a retired civil servant, mother is a social worker, and a younger sister Bidisha. My husband Parashar Kashya works in the corporate sector. They have a big role in my success as they were my solid support during my struggle phase.Bipasha with Parents

Responding to a query why she chose ‘Civil Services’ as career option, she said, “Civil Services is the best platform to make some meaningful contribution for the society. This intention must motivate the aspirants to keep trying and never lose hope.”

Sharing her secret of success Bipasha said, “Dedication, hard work, smart work, consistency, and the belief that I can crack the exam helped me in my success.”

Motivating future aspirants, Bipasha said, “Civil Services is the best platform to make some meaningful contribution for the society. This intention must motivate the aspirants to keep trying and never lose hope.”

Know Bipasha Kalita's Preparation-Plan: While Optional Subject is the game changer; it is very crucial to get high marks in the optional in order to get a rank in the top 100; say Bipasha Kalita (AIR 41; CSE 2017)

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