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     Rank:  19
     Year:  2012
     Exam:  Civil Services Examination
     Roll No.:  284217
     Profile Viewed:  4270 time(s)

    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 110
    General Studies 600 282 (144 + 144)
    Public Administration 600 196 (75 + 121)
    Law 600 297 (148 + 149)
    Total (Written) 2000 885
    Interview 300 186
    Total 2300 1071 (46.57%)

    Optional Subjects

    Optional Subject 1 - Law
    Optional Subject 2 – Public Administration

    I picked up Law, since I was doing it and had a good understanding of it. Public Administration, as after looking at the syllabus I felt that I would be able to pull it through.

    I kept the same optional subjects in both my attempts.

    I was hopeful of making it to the list, although not certain. But, rank was something I had not expected. I was elated after hearing the news of it.
    I was pursuing Law, I did not consult regarding it. I had faith in my understanding of it. But, for choosing Public Administration as optional subject, I did take up advice of my friends, family and after having a look at the syllabus, I decided to take it.

    I had been reading IAS toppers interviews and for that matter every interview in certain way motivated me.

    It was certainly a planned decision. It was not per se parent’s wish; yet, they really supported me throughout my journey.

    Number of attempts
    It was my second attempt. In my first attempt, I read a lot of things even which were not required. So, it also made me overstressed that is where I was at fault.

    Time Management
    Every day, I tried to go through both optional subjects and at least single topic of General Studies. So, regularity somehow helped me in managing time well.

    Preference in services

    Credit for success
    Almighty God, family and friends who all wished for me and helped a lot.

    Language Medium of writing examination

    Language Medium for Personality Test

    Preliminary Examination in format is easier comparing earlier format and apprehensions around it are almost vanished now.

    One needs to be aware of things around and practice helps in tackling this examination effectively.

    It required more focused approach. Both the optional subjects required major attention and I did them thoroughly.

    For General Studies, I tried to do it simultaneously so that it doesn’t pile up.

    There was no special effort for preparation, but while writing essay, you should not be too quick to pick up any topic.

    So, while deciding over it I took time and tried to articulate my answers.


    I went being excited but, not being nervous. I was interviewed by IMG Khan Sir board.

    He was very cordial and patient.

    My interview went on for about 20-30 minutes approximately.


    All the best; be focused and work hard.



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