Prelims 2018 over; Set your Eyes on coming Main Examination

Civil Services (Main) Examination 2018 starts from 28th September this year. 

You have limited days in your hand for Main Examination and a reverse counting of days left will remind you about the challenge.

After Preliminary Examination, now you are to gear up fully for next stage Main Examination.


Those who appeared in Preliminary Examination 2018 and have high aspirations to perform well in the examination will be keen to continue preparation after hectic preparation schedule for it.

After Prelims, you have relaxed a bit and it is time to be serious on immediate requirements.

Don’t wait for Prelims result to commence Main Examination preparation as you have limited days in your hand and a reverse counting of days left will remind you about the challenge.

Most of you adopt integrated approach for General Studies preparation and for such candidates, it is to start again from where you left, for immediate shift in focus for facing Prelims. 

Among major activities you have four papers of General Studies, Essay and Optional Subject that will determine your fate. Besides, you have languages qualifying papers; hope handling these is not a major issue.

Looking at the recent trends, you can easily make out that Mains (written) Cut-off is increasing every year and that is an important indication and an advice to be really serious about the things you have to face.

Earlier, I had shared my views about CSE 2017 Main Examination papers and when I look at scores, it points towards changing attitude and candidates have taken good care of the areas like Paper II that have seen tremendous turn around and reasonably good marks are visible this time.

A glance at recent Civil Services Examination 2017 results points towards the fact that marks secured by candidates in General Studies overall has gone up; so, is the case with Optional Subject marks. Marks fetching in Essay was high in earlier editions as well and there things doesn’t look like changing.

Among General Studies Papers, for the first time since new pattern came in force from CSE 2013, some indications are emerging where candidates are able to get good scores in Paper II. Even Paper III has also shown marks shade better.

Marks secured by candidates in Paper I is reasonably okay; but, surprisingly, Paper IV has some let-down comparing earlier occasions. As was observed, many candidates started taking this Paper IV lightly; thinking it doesn’t need specific preparation and some coaching stuff available in market is enough to prepare it.

We ourselves make some underestimation and become complacent or being straightforward would say commit mistakes; and later, blames UPSC for being unpredictable.

So, be careful about General Studies overall and don’t consider it Paper-wise. If you prepare attempting constituents for Paper I, II, III and IV separately; you may feel confident; but, will you able to handle papers effectively, I doubt.

Don’t agree with me; please have a look at CSE 2017 Main Examination papers to get a fair idea about it. In papers, actually constituents boundaries defined by syllabus are getting blurred and interrelationship within and across disciplines comes on fore on varies topics asked in Papers I-IV.

Moreover, another significant aspect that CSE 2017 Mains papers reveal is that change in number of questions asked and different value attached to it sometimes affects the candidate’s set approach and badly impacts time management. So, be careful and do lot of practice to face any unexpected thing in the examination.

Indulge in serious preparation and keep moving forward with your study-plan.

All the best!

On Tuesday 5th June 2018     

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