Civil Services Examination-There are many candidates for whom, lack of confidence results in procrastination

Fear sometimes plays a big role and at last moment, its effects become really vicious and many a time candidates postpone the idea of appearing in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination.

In most of the case, the reason is something that creates anxiousness and despite reasonable good preparation, some candidate’s lack of confidence results in procrastination.

If you think your preparation for Preliminary Examination is not up to mark, you can think of deferring your plans this year.

However, if reasons are somewhat related to exam-phobia or any fear of failing, I think you should change your mind-set.

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The exam-plan is such that makes Civil Services Examination preparation a long drawn affair.

As such this examination is surrounded with lots of myths and wrong notions and remaining upbeat about outcome throughout the journey is not that easy.

Invariably some candidates at some stage of examination form unbreakable negative thoughts about it and in such cases it is really difficult to go on with the study-plan you make.

Above all, chances of success are bleak and that is enough to break confidence.

Only non-serious and some candidates facing some unforeseen circumstances thinks of postponing participation in Preliminary Examination at this moment of time.

I sincerely hope you don’t fall in to that category.

Is your dream for career in ‘Civil Services’ still alive?

First, you need to answer this question; if your answer is Yes, means you are moving in right direction.

It is agonizing to note that the lack of conviction results in procrastination and not everyone continues hard work that Civil Services Examination necessitates for an effective preparation.

Among the youngsters, many have a childhood dream for career in ‘Civil Services’ and prepare for this examination for years and once they are midst of preparation, surround themselves with something that distracts and impedes advancing with study-plan and as a result, dreading about the outcome many candidates abandon the task in hand.

This is something quite common and if you feel so, you need to change your thinking.

It is a tough examination and an open competition; everyone knows it. If it was easy and assuring, everyone would conquer it, right.

Such situations not only occur just before examination, it can happen anytime once negative thoughts overpower your brain.

Reason out why you are struggling with negative thoughts. It could be due to some distraction, may be not managing preparation as per plan is adding pressure, finding hard to stick to time schedules, not getting the relevant study-material for updating particular topics or may be something that is confusing you.

When Negative Thinking surrounds the mind, just think about you goal and establish your reason for accomplishing it.

You need to regain confidence and should trust your capabilities.

Remember: Self-belief is something that influences your final outcome; so, keep preparing and advance as per you plans that have power to convert your dreams in to reality.


Last Update Wednesday 17th October 2018     

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