Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019 Preparation Tips: Understand the level of examination

On the face of it, Preliminary Examination papers look easy to moderate but, this step alone has made it more challenging and most of the candidates are finding it difficult to crack it.


This is no ordinary examination which you aim to crack.

With rising competition and all candidates attempting two compulsory papers with difficulty level - easy to moderate, it has become more of the luck of the draw for aspirants.

Moreover, the cut-off depends up on your performance in General Studies Paper I only; so, you have to divert most of your attention towards it.

General Studies Paper I is typical in nature and has a mix of straight as well as some twisted questions.

In most of the constituents, questions on current developments and evolving issues have made it dynamic thus necessitates conceptual clarity.

Being an avid reader of newspapers, and having awareness about contemporary developments, you can face it effectively.

You need to correlate the facts and may be required to interrelate, link up many issues; so, prepare well to succeed.

Candidates preparing General Studies with Main Examination orientation, find it easy to handle at Prelims level.

Here, you should stick to extensive study plan. Don’t try to be specific in topic selection.

You are going to encounter such questions which are not bookish in nature and unless proper attention is not given you will fumble at the first step.

With General Studies Paper II (Aptitude Test) being qualifying, you have to just meet the requirements. This question paper has constituents that are general in nature and scoring required marks is not at all tough. But, be careful, in last few year's difficulty level has gone up a little.

Chances of your success depends more on practice.

Be it General studies (Paper I) or Aptitude Test (Paper II), you can’t rely on single book which promises to cover the complete syllabus.

So, have the best study material and go in for detailed planned study.

You will gain nothing if you are not able to find a place in list of successful candidates called for Mains (Written) examination and would have to start afresh next year by appearing in Prelims again if you are left with more attempts available.

Wishing you luck !

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