“Sometimes an offbeat choice delivers much more than what you expect"; says Shreshth Tayal (AIR 73; CSE 2017)

Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary by qualification Shreshth Tayal has carved his future with a strategic move he made by deciding to appear in Civil Services Examination.

In his second attempt, Shreshth Tayal has secured 73rd rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Earlier also, he had held All India Ranks 20 in both CA Final and CS Final examinations.

He has made a unique service preference of not opting for IAS, IPS & IFS and giving first preference to IRS (IT).

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Shreshth Tayal (AIR 73; CSE 2017) made an interesting choice in preference of services opted for. Instead of IAS, IPS or even IFS (any one these he could have easily got with the rank he acquired), he has offered IRS (IT) as his first preference.

His choice for optional subject was quite obvious – Commerce & Accountancy

Citing the reason for this unique preference choice, Shreshth said, “Accurate self-assessment with substantiation from my academic qualification provided me conceptual and practical knowledge in taxation.  My communication with some of the selected candidates really inspired me and made me think of making this a choice. Actually, it is the sheer reason of my orientation towards ‘Civil Services’ and my interest in taxation brought clarity in my thought about joining the IRS over other services.”

Elaborating on this point, he said, “I had been working with Deloitte in the Corporate Tax team for quite a few years and it gave me an opportunity to visit the tax office on a number of occasions. Interacting with various IRS officers inspired me to appear for the Civil Services Examination.”

My decision not only helped in career enhancement, it helped me in my Personality Test and as a consequence I got a really good score (190) in the interview which helped me get into the top 100 ranks. My qualification of being a CA along with my work experience in taxation helped me justify my service preference before the interview board.

Shreshth’s father is a practicing CA and my mother is a social worker. His elder sister is also a CA and is a teacher by profession. “Besides being my support system, their biggest contribution has been to encourage me and show faith in me even during my low phases, which are bound to come during anyone’s preparation days”, he added.Shreshth-tayal-irs-upsc-topper-73rd-rank-cse-2017-commerce-accountancy

Throwing some light on his endeavor Shreshth said, “I achieved this success in my second attempt. I wasn’t properly prepared for the Mains in my first attempt and I couldn’t find the time to attempt mock tests for writing practice and therefore, I couldn’t clear the Mains in my first attempt. However, this time a planned effort got me 73rd rank.”

To motivate future aspirants Shreshth said, “Taking care of your health is really important. Though it is fashionable to say that a UPSC aspirant studies for 15-16 hours during the preparation, but the truth is that it is not humanly possible to study so diligently for a number of months at a stretch. One can study for 15-16 hours a day for a week or a month but not for five months at a stretch. Therefore, the key is to study for 11-12 hours a day with consistency and taking proper sleep of 8 hours to maintain a good health during the preparation.

Commenting on beginner’s mindset Shreshth said, “I believe that it is necessary for an aspirant to accept the inherent unpredictability involved in this exam and therefore, one should not be afraid of failure. Luck definitely plays a huge role in getting one's name in the merit list. There are a number of remarkable candidates who never find their names in the merit list every year. Give your best to this exam but don't allow this exam to define your entire life. Life goals need to be bigger and this exam should only be a means to that end."


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