“Civil Service is a service not a job; it inspires me a lot” says Himanshu Kaushik (AIR 77; CSE 2017) An IAS Achiever in First Attempt

Himanshu Kaushik, a Computer Science graduate from Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad (UP) has cracked Civil Services Examination 2017 in his first attempt with his focused approach and a clear mind-set.

Himanshu has secured 77th Rank in the Merit-List.

He picked up Political science & International Relations as optional subject.


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As you know, the chances of success in Civil Services Examination are pretty slim; but, there are few enthusiasts who just have might to execute it in their first attempt.

Himanshu Kaushik (AIR 77; CSE 2017) has done it in style and his endeavor is absolutely thrilling. With an average academic background that followed by full time-job before Himanshu finally decided to take plunge into Civil Services Examination at age of 26 and emerged successful in first attempt.

Sharing how the decision to appear in Civil Services Examination emerged naturally, Himanshu said, “After completing B.Tech in 2013, I started working with an IT company of repute; but, back of my mind deliberations about ‘Civil Services’ were on. As I conversed with some people around about this idea, feedback was stay put. “

Accepting it as his destiny, he added, “It was an excitable call that was buried under cover for three long years and finally in July 2016, I left my job to take the plunge. I would call it the concept of serendipity that I waited for the right time and after commencing serious preparation, kept on doing all the things right to accomplish my goal in my first encounter with Civil Services Examination.”

What made him think about making career in civil service?Himanshu-Kaushik-IAS-UPSC-Topper-77th-Rank-CSE-2017

Candidly opening his heart Himanshu said, “Civil Service is a service not a job; it inspires me a lot. It directly affects common citizen; it is an ethical job where person should be honest, determined and is constantly working for people. With this opportunity, I want to contribute to betterment of society and my priorities would be women should feel safe and get equal opportunity; poor should get benefits of development.”

Support of family & their involvement in my growth

“Mine is a middle class family said Himanshu; my father is an Engineer and mother is a Sanskrit Teacher. My younger brother is an Architect. The biggest encouragement that I got was when they all supported my decision of quitting the job after 3 years. They fully trusted my choice and kept on telling me - keep preparing and work hard; I will make it to the list. Whenever I used to feel uninspired or stressed, my family stood by me even in those difficult times and reminded me to stay honest with preparation-plan and remain passionate about the task in hand.”

Success in first attempt

It is not as easy as simply put on paper; this exam is very tough and unpredictable. To increase the chances of cracking it, one should adopt a smart strategy.

First of all, it is not a 100 meters race where you will sprint and succeed. It is a marathon where you need to put in hard work for a long time. Moreover, there is no instant result; you have to wait for quite long to know the outcome at each stage of the exam.

So, while you need long-term planning, to approach this exam-plan effectively, you need short-term strategies as well to be consistent with preparation.

Hence, it is important to have a long term approach and learn to prevail at each stage of examination. This is a journey that is long and demanding and to sustain and climb up here, you have to keep away from stress and always remain motivated.

Besides studies, giving attention to what matters the most is your health; physical exercises and little bit of meditation will certainly help you in bringing up better results.

To motivate future aspirants, Himanshu said, “I am from an average academic background; and I am not from any IIT or IIM. I worked for 3 years; then, resigned from the job. If I can do it in my first effort, then anyone can crack the exam in first attempt. Just need to focus and learning, avoiding all the negativity.”

Last Update Thursday 24th May 2018

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