“Your dreams may not match up with your circumstances; despite all odds, achieving Goal gives inner satisfaction”, says, Abhimanyu Rana (AIR 220; CSE 2017)

As it is said, “when we desire something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.” Something similar took place in Abhimanyu’s life and he ultimately got, what he wished for.

While life had been throwing challenges as his father battled Cancer for 8 long years and ultimately passed away at a time when he was in midst of his journey to career in ‘Civil Services’.

Abhimanyu was able to focus on the task and ultimately accomplished it by achieving splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2017 with Law as optional subject. It was his third attempt.


Your circumstances can’t be an excuse; if you wish to convert your dreams in to reality, you will have to look out for the ways to move forward and conquer the goal you have set for yourself.

These words sums up the story of Abhimanyu Rana (AIR 220; CSE 2017) who has produced a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination and has accomplished the task he had set for himself.

Sharing a little about his family, Abhimanyu said, “My father, Isham Singh Rana was a lawyer who departed us in January 2017; my mother Sunita Rana is a homemaker and my younger sister Shivani Rana is in 4th Prof of M.B.B.S (RPGMC, Tanda).

His father battled Cancer for 8 years and ultimately passed away at a time when he was in midst of his journey to career in ‘Civil Services’. Life was tough and agony they all had gone through can’t be described in words.

His father’s strong willpower taught Abhimanyu endurance and with it, he continued moving towards destination without any grievances.

Expressing his sentiments he said, “I always remained motivated and worked hard for the success in Civil Services Examination. I kept making efforts with patience as I have learnt to persevere with.”

In CSE 2015, he reached Interview stage with just 6 month’s preparation. Due to poor marks in Essay, he couldn’t make it to final list. In his second attempt CSE 2016, he again faced Interview board and was confident of getting a good rank; but, as Civil Services Examination is very unpredictable; once more success eluded him.

This time he is fortunate to find his name sticking at 220th rank in the merit-list.

Putting across the reason for choosing ‘Civil Services’ his career Abhimanyu said, “While envisaging my foray in to ‘Civil Services’, Police Services was top of my mind and in Civil Services Examination, my first preference was IPS. There were two reasons for choosing Police Services over Administrative Services; first based on my observations and other emotional. First, for me Police service is very challenging and requires critical thinking. Moreover your decisions have an impact on large number of people. Second, my maternal grandfather served in UP Police; so, right from the childhood I had a fascination with police service.”

Responding to a query on secret for his success Abhimanyu said, “Analytical approach towards every topic and having an opinion about every issue helped me a lot in General Studies preparation. Moreover, to cover up my weak area, Essay, I used to write one essay every week after Prelims and get it reviewed by my teacher and friends.

Abhimanyu acknowledges role of his coaching institute Nirvana IAS Academy for the proper guidance throughout his preparation that helped him succeed.

With this success, Abhimanyu aim to work for the betterment of the society and wish to make a positive impact on the life of people.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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