Family’s strength and encouragement from friends made this achievable, says Anubhav Singh (AIR 8; CSE 2017)

At an early stage, educated thoroughly in Hindi medium, Anubhav had Primary and Middle education from his village till 8th standard; then, he moved to Allahabad to complete secondary education and simultaneously worked on his English as he knew he has to work on his language to achieve big.

His confidence soared once he cracked IIT entrance examination.

Anubhav started preparing for Civil Services Examination from the third year of his graduation.

After completing B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) from IIT Roorkee in 2015 he appeared in Civil Services Examination and achieved success in CSE 2016 with AIR 683 that got him Indian Revenue Service (IT). And now, in CSE 2017 Anubhav has secured Rank 8 with Mathematics as optional subject.


Being conscious about the purpose Anubhav with his brilliance and composure, has achieved a splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2017 and probably has set a new trend with his outstanding scores in optional subject Mathematics.

As I have seen many instances, if you have a group and friends serious about a common goal, the long journey preparing for Civil Services Examination becomes relatively uncomplicated. Anubhav commenced preparation with his friend Karthik at his home in Gurgaon. Another friend of ours also used to be with us and we never had any strain or anxiety as par as preparation is concerned.

Visits to Cyber Hub (Gurgaon), Saket Malls (New Delhi) had been quite frequent and there sitting in coffee shops discussing various issues and made good use of time spent at leisure. Before I forget to mention, Karthik also cleared CSE 2017.

Coming from an average background, Hindi medium setting and with no such motivation for thinking about Civil Services, for Anubhav, it has been a slow but sure progression with academics that gradually paved way to a scintillating career in Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Sharing his secret of success Anubhav said, “Preparation for Civil Services Examination has been made so complex by many candidates due to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Rather, if you understand the exam-plan, examiners’ expectations and with a bit of planning, it is not that difficult to crack. For me being aware of the purpose and perseverance helped me in accomplishing the task in hand.”

Retorting to a question about what worked for him this time that helped him find his name in single-digit rank, Anubhav said, “Mathematics was my optional subject and I knew it that if I work on my strengths, I can do it. I had worked hard for every stage of the examination, I was confident of getting a good rank. But, I had not expected that I would be in top 10. I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise after seeing the rank.”

With a score of 375 (out of 500) in Mathematics, Anubhav has once again brought life back in to optional subjects as after changes in Main Examination pattern in 2013, General Studies has become more significant.

Although, showing modesty Anubhav considers it as a balanced effort and talks of significance of all papers in Exam-Plan and suggests that one should give due importance to each paper and work as per plan.

An Advice for Prelims

Anubhav talks about value of Preliminary Examination and how it determines your fate. He candidly admitted that I faced Prelims twice and in my first attempt my score in Prelims 2016 was 146. This attempt got me 683 rank and this time when I have got Rank 8, you will be surprised to know that my score in Prelims 2017 was 108.”

“So, how-so-ever brilliant you are, due to increasing competition, Prelims has become very demanding and unpredictable. Hence, give it the importance that it deserves and I would strongly recommend multiple readings of standard textbooks so that you can face Prelims confidently and emerge successful, he added.

Acknowledging the role of parents in sustaining his voyage, Anubhav said, “With only ‘Hope’ on my side, I have come from a village to this stage; the credit for all this goes to my family and friends who always supported me and encouraged me to perform.

In the end, in a message that is enough to inspire future aspirants Anubhav said, “As long as you understand UPSC’s intent, it is not difficult. Civil Services Examination is tough; yes, it is. But, you have to focus and remain serious about each stage of the examination as in the end, it is aggregate marks you amass that matters. So, work harder and smarter and be ready to write your own story.”


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