Perseverance and Dedicated Hard Work helped Neha Jain (AIR 14; CSE 2017) to Achieve the Goal

In Civil Services Examination 2017, a dentist, Neha Jain (AIR 14; CSE 2017) has shaped an inspiring success by securing such a high rank with her hard work and perseverance.

She has been able to do it with an optional subject with a very different discipline – LAW.



It is not for the first time we are witnessing medicos preparing for Civil Services Examination with a completely new optional subject ‘LAW’. I remember, earlier Tapasya Raghav (AIR 78; CSE 2012), and Saloni Sidana (AIR 74; CSE 2013), both Medicos opted for ‘LAW’ as optional subject and achieved brilliant success.

Continuing the saga of success, Neha Jain (AIR 14; CSE 2017) is the new addition in this chain who has scripted a success story that is going to inspire lakhs of future aspirants. In fact, Tapasya Raghav and Neha both are dentists.

Although, Neha could not achieved success in her previous attempt; but, she remained focused and got motivation from her many friends like Indu Rani Jakhar (AIR 30; CSE 2015) again a Medico, with whom she commenced prepared and saw her achieve success in Civil Services Examination.Neha Jain-AIR 14-CSE 2017

Neha belongs to a middle class Jain family. Her grandmother Srimati Indravati Jain is a highly spiritual and pious head of the family. Her parents Mr. P.K. Jain and Mrs. Manju Lata Jain are working in The New India Assurance Company Ltd and younger sibling Rishabh Jain is pursuing MBBS from North DMC Medical College- Hindu Rao Hospital.

Retorting to a query what made her think about career in ‘Civil Services’ Neha said, “The sense of leadership at a young age, the diversity and the prestige of the services itself attracted me to it.”

Her journey has been full of ups and downs, but, it was her perseverance and dedicated hard work that helped her achieve the goal she had set for herself.

As my many friends were preparing for Civil Services Examination, it was not that difficult for me to get insights, make my choices for books, study material and even coaching institutes for preparation. Although, I couldn’t succeed in my previous attempt; but, each of my friends’ success inspired me to sustain my efforts and work harder.

When I asked her how she could manage her preparation with her practice, Neha said, “yes, I was practicing dentistry in a Government hospital and it was difficult to get time after attending clinic; but, with support of my parents I continued to chase my dreams."Neha Jain (AIR 14; CSE 2017)

"I had understood the unpredictable nature of this examination and knew it that if I am able to take care of my General Studies, Essay and optional subject, I can do it", added Neha.

Elaborating her preparation strategy, Neha said, "I followed an Online resource for my general studies while I took coaching from Nirvana IAS academy and Law Ambition for Law optional. Karam Sir from Nirvana IAS academy steered me through the law optional; while Law Ambition was crucial in test material." 

Talking about her planning for Essay paper during preparation, Neha said, “No special efforts; but, I made some important pointers for all possible topics of essays so that a rough structure for almost all topics were already prepared.”

Sharing the secret of success Neha said, “I believe it was an optimal articulation of General Studies, Optional Subject, Essay and Interview with the gracious blessings of my elders and the almighty.”

In the end, an advice for future aspirants:

“Stay positive throughout the journey and most importantly believe in yourself even when no one else does.”

Last Update Thursday 2nd April 2020     

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