“To accomplish Goal; make a plan, remain passionate about it and work harder”, Says Sachin Gupta (AIR 3; CSE 2017)

Sachin Gupta, a Mechanical Engineer from Thapar University, Patiala has cracked Civil Services Examination 2017 in his 3rd attempt.

He has achieved this success with Anthropology as optional subject.

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For Sachin Gupta (AIR 3; CSE 2017) it had been a dream to become ‘Civil Servant’ and the reason why he chose to make it a career choice as he always believed in the way of life “Be the change that we all want to see in the society”.

After B.Tech. Sachin had a brief stint with private sector enterprise in Gurgaon before he decided to make career in ‘Civil Services’.

 After deciding about my foray in to Civil Services Examination, I had discussion with my friends, parents, teachers can shape out the way. Moreover, in today’s age of internet we have many good websites which helped in answering initial doubts.

With an aim to crack it in first attempt itself, Sachin commenced preparation for Civil Services Examination; cleared Prelims but, failed to get through Main Examination.Sachin Gupta-AIR 3-CSE 2017

As it usually happen being honest Sachin said, “I believe most of us come up here with one year strategy only to crack Civil Services Examination; but, sometimes things didn’t go the way we wished and make us give more attempts.”

Elaborating about his efforts, Sachin said, “I missed Interview call by just 12 marks in my first attempt. In second attemtp, I succeeded and got 575th rank and in this third attempt, I am at 3rd place in the merit-list.

My failures taught me to introspect and with self-analysis spot the strengths and weaknesses. This has helped me not only in cracking Civil Services Examination; but, in becoming a better human being.”Sachin-Gupta-ias-upsc-topper-cse-2017-3rd-Rank-Anthropology

Commenting on his success that took three attempts, he added “The best thing I learnt a positive aspect of life - being unrelenting chasing dreams ultimately gets you desired success.”

With many personalities as role model Mahatama Gandhi to Nelson Mandela to Sachin Tendulkar to E Sredharan, Sachin has a clear cut goal and he acknowledges that this success has given him opportunity to work for masses and to contribute for development of the nation.


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