Civil Services Exam: For those who couldn’t succeed this time; It's time to get inspired

While for some, it is accomplishment; but, for many, success remains elusive and is a constant battle.

The design of this examination is such that many candidates, who don’t understand the intricacies involved, fail to achieve what they truly are capable of achieving.

Take some clue from success of top 3 rankers in Civil Services Examination and keep moving towards your destination.

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When the situation is difficult, you should accept it and look for real solutions. It is time when you should relax a little and recharge yourself to try again.

By now, all such candidates would be glued to their study-table and would be putting in best of efforts to encounter Preliminary Examination 2018 that is scheduled for 3rd June.

You may encounter negative, destructive messages and appraisals that are enough to kill your dreams. But, put back all such negative feelings aside and replace them bit by bit with positivity and encouragement of your family, friends, teachers and well-wishers.

Look at others who have been in a similar situation that you are in now to get some advice that opens doors for success in your next attempt. Don’t go far; look at top three rankers in CSE 2017 and their success is enough to inspire you to work harder.

Be inspired; make sincere efforts to embrace success

For Derishetty Anudeep (AIR 1; CSE 2017) it was 5th attempt when he got desired success. In her second attempt Anu Kumari (AIR 2; CSE 2017) achieved success while Sachin Gupta (AIR 3; CSE 2017) reached the destination in his third attempt.

While interacting with top rankers, when I asked Anudeep as he took so long in accomplishing the desired goal, what kept him motivated? He said, “My earlier success in my second attempt was a big impetus that kept me stirring and gave me a sense that I am moving in the right direction. When you ask me the raison d'être of my success, I always remembered the ‘purpose’ (IAS) and this alone kept me going.”

Responding to my question when to commence preparation Anudeep said, “There is no perfect moment to start preparation, it is all about feeling confident and showing courage to face such a stiff competition.

And what Anu Kumari did is precisely the manifestation of this approach.

With a lucrative job in hand, married, having a child and at an age of 30 she decided to take the plunge and in her second attempt she emerged successful.

For Anu Kumari, the first attempt was just a waste as she appeared in Preliminary Examination with just few weeks’ preparation. Failure didn’t move her and she continued with her preparation for next attempt.

But, this time she made desired success a point and was very clear for this attempt that there was no scope for any error.

Sachin Gupta also had similar situation when he begun preparation for this attempt. It was his third attempt and keeping in mind unpredictable nature of this examination he was hopeful of success but, has been waiting for the result patiently.

When I asked Sachin how he felt when he came to know the result, he said, “I heard that this time result is coming a bit early. When I woke up in morning, I told myself to expect a positive result; still, set a low bar."

"When I got the news the joy of this success was multi-fold as it is much more than what I expected" says Sachin.

Courage and perseverance are keywords

Civil services Examination is big and difficult to crack; we all know it well. The chances of accomplishment are low as success in top ranks only can ensure post of ‘IAS’

It is all about gathering courage to appear again, strong will to fight back and a positive mind-set that helps you reach your dream destination.

Once again, be ready to show your talent by making use of the learning from past attempt and prioritizing your study-plan as per needs.

Who knows, next year it may be you can grab top ranks in Civil Services Examination 2018.

All the best! 

Last Update Thursday 4th April 2019     

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