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Civil Services Exam favours Humanities background candidates but Science background candidate’s success-rate is higher, why?

Science, Medical or Engineering background candidates although have very good success-rate; but, as the trends indicate, majority of them achieve success by picking Humanities subjects as optional.

Making cross-domain shift has been a regular phenomenon that has been witnessed for long time and lots of Pure Science/Engineering/Medical Background candidates are making their presence felt; this trend still continues even when only 'One' optional subject is needed.

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It is whispered thought that the Civil Services Examination favours candidates from Humanities and Literature of Languages.

No arguments on the fact and since decades, subject like History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Public Administration, Philosophy etc. have been ruling here. Look at the trend in optional subjects chosen by the candidates recommended for selection and you will find their complete domination in Civil Services Examination.

The question come in mind is when the process favours candidates with humanities subjects, how Science background candidates are able to show better performance?

In 1980’s and 1990’s, some outstanding results from Science/Medical Science and Engineering background candidates attracted many such candidates with professional degrees to look at making career in Civil Services.

As some of them occupied the top slots, soon subject combination like Physics-Mathematics and some other science subjects became craze.Humanities background vs Science backgroundLater to check their overflowing dominance and increasing presence in merit-list, Essay paper was re-introduced and some modification/change in syllabus made thing difficult for these subject and past almost 10 years’ data confirms that the share of Mathematics/Science Subjects in success of selected candidates is going down. 

Then, 2000 onwards came the era when optional subjects ruled and became deciding factor in success.

Optional Subjects like Public Administration and Geography became synonymous for success in Civil Services Examination. Cross-domain shift continued and Science, Medical or Engineering background candidates gave preference to a new subject from humanities/Literature of Languages to clinch success.

Prospects after changes in Main Examination pattern from CSE 2013

Things changed on ground with only ‘One’ optional subject and candidates’ focus shifted towards General Studies due to sheer weigthage it had.

The new environment changed the scene a little bit and many candidates put up brilliant performance with their own subjects. The fortunes changed for some of the subjects like Economics, Law, Commerce and Accountancy, Medical Science, even Management etc.

The recent results go on to prove that the candidates who work hard, still produce wonderful results with any subject they pick.

It took a while for candidates to understand the significance of Optional Subject as the marks secured in Optional Subject still matters a lot and it was not too late when they realized that performance in optional subject either can take you to top or sometimes, it leaves you nowhere.

Possibly, this is the reason that many science, Medical or Engineering background candidates still makes strategic move by picking Humanities subjects as optional subject and deliver very good success-rate.

These candidates have better analytical powers, logical thinking systematic and are capable of adapting to new situations. This quality reflects in their results as well as even with altogether new subjects from humanities/literature of languages, they prepare and show some outstanding results.

Every year, there are many such incidents which echo the continuing trend.

For Humanities background candidates, the challenge intensifies

Humanities background candidates - beware of the continuing trend; now with emerging situation some serious competition is being faced from science, Medical or Engineering background candidates.

Humanities background candidates can’t even think about picking some science, Medical or Engineering subjects; but, subjects from humanities/literature of languages can be mastered by anyone with some interest and intent.

What can Humanities background candidates do?

As people say that there are some reasons to rejoice for candidates with professional degrees, for Humanities background candidates more attention is needed to take care of your interests.

Humanities background candidates should figure out what is lacking in their preparation and how they can improve. Don’t just give up, you have better knowledge of the subject and can always overcome fears by showing commitment.

Once Humanities background candidates realize that their academic knowledge is linked to their dream career you have advantage over others who are new to subject and you just need to prove your authority over the subject.

Yes, it is time challenge yourself and establish your dominance.

Last Update Monday 6th April 2020     

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