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The right way to Choosing optional subjects for Civil Services (Main) Examination

Before you finally pick your optional subject, do a little exercise to identify subjects/topics/areas where you feel comfortable and where not.

You may choose a subject which is perceived to be scoring but is not of your interest. Can you put in an honest attempt with that you decide yourself ?

Move on, here we have list few tips to help you zero-in on the right set of Optional Subjects.


UPSC has chalked out such a liberal attitude in choice of optional subject that it has given complete freedom to candidates to pick only 'ONE' subject whatever they think suitable and find manageable.

Many an aspirant pretends or assumes that they are on the right track as far as choice for optional subject for civil services (Main) Examination is concerned. But, the point for consideration is that being familiar with the topics given in the syllabus, is not enough and that alone cannot be the basis of picking that subject as the approach of UPSC is slightly different from your academic studies.

Do you have aptitude for that subject you intend to opt? Even if you have some liking still do you have capacity to build the subject knowledge as per examination standards?

We have listed a few tips, 15 to be precise, on which you can weigh the optional and can choose the right optional subject for you.

These suggestions are just for your reference to take a clue from it, if you think useful.

You need not to consider all the factors listed here, or in the given sequence. Whatever you choose, it should be well thought of and after spending some time evaluating various aspects related to optional subjects.

Out of these there are 5 reasons can help you to shortlist few optional subjects you wish to take into consideration and next 10 can lend a hand to zero in on reaching the final decision.

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 UPSC is looking out for right people for the job:

The aim of UPSC is not only to examine the intellectual capabilities but also to ascertain the understanding, absorbing, analysing and putting on views based on information gathered; few qualities which future ‘Civil Servant’  needs to possess.

So, you are on track and first step towards your journey is about to begin with optional subject selection.

Work hard and show the world what you are capable of.

Wishing you success!

Last Update Thursday 26th April 2018     

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