IAS Preparation: Work Smarter Not Harder

Many candidates talk about smart strategy for Civil Services Examination; but, the way UPSC is bringing surprises at all levels, it is becoming trick and difficult to tackle the questions at different stages you face in the examination.



‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ this expression summarizes the preparation strategy for Civil Services Examination and even many experts and even successful candidates endorse this view and talk about it candidly.

It is a gruelling exam-plan that requires lots of effort for preparation. Once you understand the intricacies involved, it would be much easier to identify and prioritize the areas where more effort is needed.

With better time management, you can execute your plan effectively and can manage Civil Services Examination preparation efficiently.

When you plan to accomplish the task in your immediate attempt, you have to work smartly. All you need is clarity about the vision, confidence to bring about the result that you are aiming for, ingenuity and creativity.

However, I don’t agree fully; but yes, partly I also support such moves. I will certainly clarify why I partly disagree with this move.

Yes, Smart Work delivers

While commencing preparation for Civil Services Examination, it is suggested that the candidates need to look at the syllabus and past years’ papers to understand the standard of the examination and the examiner’s drift towards some important topics.

In real sense, the syllabus defines the boundaries and the past year papers reveal the trend which justifies the point that “Smart Work” helps you perform better.

Now, Civil Services Examination preparation is strategic and only with smart planning you can expect proper results.

As it involves a long-term preparation, you have to re-evaluate your plan in between and be open to constructive suggestions and accordingly alter your plans.

The smart work may include breaking your syllabus in short-term time-bound goals, and trying to execute what you plan within stipulated time-span and maintaining consistency in preparation.

Always prepare from standard text-books, discuss with the people you trust, revise at regular interval and keep on evaluating your preparation with answer-writing practice.  

Why I partly disagree with this idea?

However, the reason why I partly disagree with this is that only a combination of ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Smart Work’ brings desired results.

You just can’t rely upon ‘Smart Work’ as ‘Hard Work’ always pays; yes, ‘Smart Work’ helps in making it possible in shorted time frame. 

How-so-ever smart you are or are capable of making such smart moves, without sincere hard work that too in right direction, success here in Civil Services Examination is elusive.

With planning and proper strategies for preparation, your honest efforts can produce great results and in the end, your hard work will turn out to be work smartly done.

Just keep moving towards your destination with complete focus and continue to give your best consistently.  

All the best!

Last Update Wednesday 12th December 2018     

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