IAS 2018: Believe in self, help you achieve whatever you want

Civil Services Examination is into a new orbit now. A lot of talented and highly qualified candidates are eyeing this space and making new moves to prepare for it within short period.

It does not matter for these talented aspirant that they are taking attempt immediately after completing academics or making the endeavour while continuingeven their jobs.

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This is nothing new, many candidates have made such move in their career successfully that made headway in professional life and later, at appropriate time they have made move to make career in ‘Civil Services’.

A glance at recent results reveals many such candidates have achieved success in Civil Services Exam with higher ranks.

Believe in self help you achieve whatever you want

When it comes to their foray in to Civil Services Examination, such candidatesmay not always look for advice; they understand the situation they are in, having high awareness level about the things around and believe in self help them achieve whatever they want.

It is all about planning and doing homework before you commence your preparation. This starts with the selection of optional subjects understanding the overlap with General Studies and so on.

This gives control over time management – the most crucial factor in CSE preparation.  If you plan your preparation strategy, you get a lot of time, and if you manage it well, you can effectively prepare for this examination.

There are many living example who started preparation for CSE few month prior to notification, takeoptional subjectthat is totally new; still go on to accomplish the goal in their first attempt itself.  

No doubt, many a times there is a role of coaching institutes who spell the magic and make it possible to cover the complete syllabus in 3-4 months’ time.

Besides, you get a lot of insights about what and how to read, how to understand the question and make you learn how to write good answers. 

It is not as difficult as it seems. When others can do why can’t you?

You need to believe in your abilities, keep on making focused hard work, have patience, and you will be able to handle it effectively.

Last Update Monday 2nd April 2018

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