Civil Services Examination 2019: Confront the realities

As the craze is increasing, the competition is also rising with more and more talented and professional, higher degree holders have entered the scene with career in Civil Services as their new found love.

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As the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019 is coming close, candidates eyeing career in coveted Indian Administrative Services are engrossed with focussed preparation with an aim to outpace other counterparts.

I have mentioned only IAS among host of services and posts for which UPSC conducts Civil Services Examination every year as it is top-of-mind career choice and majority of candidates put it uppermost in priority list.

Civil Services Examination is an opportunity for candidates to follow their dreams as most of the youngsters have aspirations and grow with an ultimate goal to become IAS.

Be it first attempt or next, each one of you commence preparation with hope and take some concreate steps that eventually take you to your dream destination.

It is not as simple as we put it here; the journey includes some diligent efforts oneias-how-strong-is the-desire puts in during long preparation that comprise of gaining knowledge, learning newer things, being well aware of the things around and most important - understanding the intricacies involved.

Cracking the first level of examination –Preliminary Examination only, is not enough

Many new candidates look at Preliminary Examination only and just try their hands without understanding the complete exam-plan requirements.

The preparation for this examination is not that simple as one thinks initially.

You are constantly engaged in finding novel solutions for numerous challenges you face at each stage of examination.

Their fresh approach, high energy level and a gateway for realizing so-called “Government Dream” can work wonders for candidates with higher degree and professional studies but, cracking the first level of examination –Preliminary Examination is not enough.

Making a proper preparation work for this examination requires a delicate balance of long and short-term strategies, a healthy dose of realistic expectations, aggressive and impressionable efforts to cover the syllabus and the flexibility to measure your preparedness.

If you aim the top spot, you need to remain constantly engaged in the pursuit of excellence to discover resolutions to the challenges that this examination throws.

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