Aiming Civil Services Examination: How to prepare current affairs?

The dynamic approach adopted by UPSC and the recent drift towards the currents has made the task more challenging for the candidates.

Looking at the questions being asked in Preliminary and in Main Examination, it is not easy to find the accurate source in guide-books or out-of-date notes.

So, you need to be careful and should use newspapers, authentic stuff from government websites and updated study material for preparing Current Affairs.


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Handling Civil Services Examination preparation is tricky and those who recognize the opportunities and act on them sensibly finally go on to grab the chance they get.

Those who follow traditional way for Civil Services Examination preparation and take ‘current affairs’ lightly, either they aren’t paying attention or they do not realize the importance to being abreast with the latest.

Reading newspapers/magazines casually is just scratching the surface. Many candidates have erroneous feel about Current Affairs that it is meant for preparing only contemporary developments or facts and figures.

Other delusion is that current affairs is meant for General Studies paper whereas the fact is that a lot of optional subjects are dynamic in nature and its importance cannot be undermined while writing Essay Paper.

For preparing ‘Current Affairs’ effectively, you need to constantly gather information over a long period of time. Clarity about the basics and your awareness level helps you prepare ‘Current Affairs’ well.

Yes, you need to have a strong base so that you can clearly understand the piece of news you come across. Looking at any news item in newspaper would not be clear to you till the time you are not aware of the cardinal points associated with the same.

For example you are reading about the BRICS Summit, if you are not aware about the BRICS, agenda, specifics about the member countries, it would not be easy to understand. 

Likewise, if you read about the recent South Korea’s Nuclear accomplishments and US President Trump’s reactions, till the time you are not aware of objectives of a safe nuclear world, doubts and concerns regarding the safety and feasibility of a nuclear world, various agencies like International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) etc., their participation, functions etc. are not clear, how you can absorb and assimilate such information if you are asked in the examination.

When you are reading about the Union Budget, Economic Survey, can you understand it clearly if you are not aware of terms associated with it, purpose of this exercise, GDP Growth, Fiscal Deficit etc.?

That is why significance of NCERT Books has been acknowledged by majority of candidates. In recent years, NCERT Books and daily Newspaper reading have been termed a must for facing Civil Services Examination effectively.

Last Update Thursday 8th March 2018

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