CS Main Examination result: Diverse Outcome; Different Goals

Civil Services Examination is not a small competition and success and failure a part of it; still chances of success are low whereas majority of candidates face an outcome that is undesirable. Only a few hundred out of lakhs of candidates are able to reach the last stage of examination -Interview.

For those, who are not able to find their names in the list of candidates called for interview, it is a new beginning.

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The result of Civil Services (Main) Examination result has spelled out diverse paths for the successful and those who were not so fortunate.

Those who emerged successful are facing the interview boards are on the way to make a career in ‘Civil Services’.

Those who did not qualify, it is the time for introspection. Most of them are busy in finding out reasons and what went wrong in the Main Examination?

Those who are left with more attempts are already on the mission and preparing afresh for next Preliminary Examination.

There would be some for whom the prospects for career in Civil Services would be over with age and attempts coming in way. However, the knowledge gained during preparation would be enough for them to enter any career and move on with life.

Why I am sharing this is because you need to understand the examination and the end rewards. It is not a small competition and success and failure a part of it.

Many talented and bright candidates enter their names in to annals of Civil Services and only a ‘can do’ attitude helps in achieving the top honours.

It is time to refocus your energies on the immediate goals and dedicate fully for the cause. 

Wishing you all the best!

Last Update Monday 2nd April 2018

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