Thinking of making career in Civil Services: Your intellectual Calibre is at test

A glance at the syllabus for the Civil Services Examination clearly indicates that it is about thoroughness and exhaustive coverage and candidate’s assessment is based on originality, core focus and presentation techniques which determine where you finally land up.


Before you begin, for an effective preparation, it is absolutely essential to be acquainted with the fact; what the examiner’s expectations are?

Civil Services Examination is very different from other examinations and you should understand from the fact that those with post-graduation, sometimes, are not able to crack this examination even in 4 attempts where as a fresh graduate does it in style in very first attempt.

Civil Servants for the 21st Century: A close look at the role of ‘Civil Servants’ today clearly indicates the UPSC’s intention to select and recommend the most suitable candidates who can play a constructive role in nations development and for the benefit of the masses.

Talking about the Civil Service examination today, information has levelled the playing field; everyone now has access to almost the similar facts.

It is clearly visible from past few years’ trend analysis that commission’s approach has become innovative and inventive.

A difficult and tricky situation face the aspirants as applied questions, problems based on interlinking issues, opinion based and contemporary developments are being asked in the examination.

The Civil Services Examination is about thoroughness and exhaustive coverage and assessment is based on originality, core focus and presentation techniques which determine where you land up finally.

Your intellectual Calibre is at test: Those who are able to identify, anticipate, prioritize and focus on the examination approach, they have and competitive edge over others.

A little focus on ‘Smart Work’ would reflect in your performance and later in overall evaluation as well.

Be wise; don’t spend time and energy going in the wrong direction. Always look for updated content from authentic sources which cover the latest examination trends.

Understand and transform information in relevant, balanced, analytical and focus on your expression rather than just scratching the surface.

With these aspects in mind, you should be able to give attention to the requirements and to stay ahead of the competition, if required, would be quick to alter your plans which result in positive learning outcomes.

Last Update Saturday 8th June 2019     

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