Preliminary Examination 2017: Will difficulty level go up this time?

It is routine that candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination explore the possible changes the coming examination can throw.

I don’t know will the difficulty level go up or not but, one thing is sure, as usual, that it is going to be tricky.

On Thursday 8th June 2017

When relatively easy to moderate level of Preliminary Examination in last six editions is throwing challenge to candidates, this time again, there should not be major change in UPSC’s stand.

Yes, following the practice, UPSC should continue to add surprise elements so that its unpredictable nature remains intact.

It is common, several candidates and even some of the coaching institutes anticipate that it is not going to be as easy as Prelims on earlier occasions was. 

You can give reasons to say that after Six editions the new pattern for Preliminary Examination is settled; but, still the Hindi/vernacular medium candidates’ performance is still far from satisfactory.

Moreover, number of applicants has been going up and the cut-off is increasing each passing year; as rising competition is taking good care, it is probably the factor strong enough to expect that UPSC is not going to throw big surprise in coming Prelims 2017.

Be ready for any surprise; may be change in number of questions asked in each paper, composition of papers, weightage of each constituent may differ from last time and all these are required to make the UPSC obsession unpredictable.

Tweaking in presentation itself would prove to be challenging as has been felt even in Preliminary Examination last year.

By matching your aptitude to the career in question UPSC has made intentions clear that they are looking for specific abilities and intellectual capabilities thus the innovative and creative approach is reflecting in both Paper I and Paper II.

General Studies Paper II has been made qualifying; but, be sure to get a score above minimum qualifying marks (33 percent).

Be clear, this is no ordinary examination which you aim to crack.

So, be ready to face simple things with care as such papers make modest situations tough.

Delve deeply into preparation mode and prepare effectively.

Revision and Practice are going to play a vital role in handling this examination successfully.

Last Update Thursday 8th June 2017

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