Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination General Studies Paper I

Broad Classification of General Studies Syllabus and a little brief about each constituent listed in the Preliminary Examination Paper I syllabus.

On Thursday 8th June 2017     

General Studies - Paper I has got a better recognition and plays a vital role in final performance of candidates which help the candidates reach the next level of examination, Main Examination (Written).

However, General Studies cannot be prepared in short span and requires systematic planning. It evaluates your accumulated multi-dimensional knowledge and general awareness level.

However, most of the smart candidates adopt 'Integrated Approach' by commencing Main Examination oriented preparation thus saves a lot of time and energy as many constituents are similar in both Preliminary as well as Main Examination.

As such, UPSC throws some surprises every year to make it unpredictable as has been witnessed in last few years papers so be ready to tackle it smartly.

The General Studies Paper I evaluates applicant's ability to use basic knowledge skills and knack to interpret the previously learnt material as well as the capacity to utilize the information in given circumstances.

Being familiar with the common terms, specific facts, methods and procedures, some basic concepts and principles will be of tremendous help to you.

Learn topics to a greater degree of depth and the ability to absorb new information can uplift your preparation to a new level.

The syllabus has broadly been divided into following sections:

Last Update Thursday 8th June 2017

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