Facing some hitches in preparation for Civil Services Examination 2020; A bit of Advice

During the long preparation period, sometimes unpredictable nature of this examination proves to be a barrier.

Besides, there can be many impediments that too with no valid reasons as most of us are guilty of a few activities that sometimes, produce obstructions.


While preparing for Civil Services Examination, invariably it happens when competent, determined and even encouraged candidates find themselves in a slump.

It is a big examination that involves extensive preparation-plan and has no template that can be followed blindly to achieve success.

Be it your first attempt or the next, there is a constant nervousness and anxiety creeps in when you look at others and more so, when you try to emulate some topper’s conduct or even of your friends that gives you a feel that they are moving in the right direction and probably I am missing something in my groundwork.

Your day-to-day activities depends on your priorities and at any given point of time some disorder, delay in meeting out schedules, small goal you set for yourself, also adds pressure that impedes your study-plan.


The biggest thing that gets in the way of moving on a straight line is the creative and innovative exam-plan that requires diverse sets of skills at each stage of examination.

The set up is such where you can’t anticipate what you are going to face in the examination and due to unpredictable nature of this examination; you come across situations where you find yourself in tight position as examiners’ expectation varies time to time.

What to do?

All we expect from you in such circumstances is to be quick on the uptake and promptly act in response.

As has been witnessed, many candidates preparation-plan sometimes gets muddled up over some small issues that take the wind out of their sails which adversely impact the outcome.

To counter all these, being confident and self-motivated would help you overcome such hiccups.

You will be caught napping if you depend upon bookish knowledge and traditional way of preparing for Civil Services Examination. Be clear, this is a big examination where shallow commitments and remaining complacent don’t deliver desired results.

As the evolving situation demands, you should chart a preparation-plan that ensures smooth progress of groundwork and should have a strategy in place that steers you to the destination you set for yourself.

Remain motivated always

You should be open to new learning and are quick to adept and mold strategies as per emerging requirements.

Craving for a career in top jobs and optimism keeps everyone motivated and inspires to keep making efforts.

Indulge in such activities that have positive impact during preparation as well as facing examination and help you reach the destination.

Last Update Saturday 22nd June 2019     

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