Getting selected in Civil Services Examination doesn't mean that the selected ones are definitely better than the rest

Keeping in mind unpredictable nature of this examination, Shailesh Kumar (AIR 41; CSE 2015) shares his views and experiences with Civil Services Examination.

Here, he throws some light on an important issue - how one should prepare to face it confidently?


Your goal is to become 'IAS'.

To live up to your dreams, you face Civil Services Examination that has unpredictability attached to it at all the three stages, namely, Preliminary, Main Examination and Personality Test (Interview).

Moreover, the moment you decide to appear in Civil Services Examination, without more ado it is obvious that one needs to manage time well if want to pull this off.

A serious aspirant must cover everything in the syllabus leaving nothing for chance and hope for the best.

Having said this, I still believe that there are some fundamentals which separate those who get selected again and again from the rest who bow out every time at one stage or the other. Shailesh Kumar-AIR 41-CSE 2015

This cannot be a perfect recipe but a basic one for sure

My advice for Preliminary Examination would be to multi-revise the extensively covered notes of conventional areas like Polity, History, Geography etc. rather than going after new things every day, especially near the Prelims.

For Main Examination, singling out strong and weak areas (in each paper) in terms of their scoring potential helps in saving time and maximizing output.

Stronger areas may be attempted first so that one doesn't lose at this point.

Moreover, one should strive to attempt all the questions - the idea is to write at least one paragraph given that we come to know something about everything during our rigorous preparation time.

Rarely, if one has no clue whatsoever about the topic, it is only better to leave the question altogether. 

For interview, one should focus more on personality part than unnecessarily accumulating facts which one cannot express.

Focus more on DAF, particularly hobbies and interests it makes interview more interesting and thus scoring.

Forming one's own but balanced opinion than quoting somebody's thoughts helps more.

Dream success; work hard to convert dreams in to reality

Well, for achieving success in Civil Services Examination, hard work is a necessary condition; but, not a sufficient one for accomplishment.

I would like to make a point that by getting selected in Civil Services Examination doesn't mean that the selected ones are definitely better than the rest.

This statement makes this exam even more challenging and interesting.

So, dream about success and keep preparing.

Last Update Wednesday 8th April 2020     

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