How many of you are serious about your endeavour and aim to achieve success in Civil Services Examination in first attempt?

Success in Civil Services Examination is a dream for many; but, majority of candidates look at the “odds of being successful” and this becomes the most crucial factor why several otherwise talented candidates desert their dreams of foray in to Civil Services Examination.

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In past 3 decades, I have met thousands of successful candidates in Civil Services Examination and out of these successful candidates interviewed by me would be touching four digit figures.

I have met as many unsuccessful candidates and numerous aspirants with a dream to make career in ‘Civil Services’.

It has been really satisfying as well enriching journey and I keep on getting lots of insights as well as clues about the strategies candidates make to counter evolving challenges they face while preparing for Civil Services Examination.

As per my observations, I believe there are three broad categories in which Civil Services Examination aspirants can be segregated that ultimately define their chances of success in such a gruelling competition.


Some of the candidates imagining a future in prestigious ‘Civil services’ follow their dreams half-heartedly.

Without a proper plan they just spend time and what baffles me the most is for each wrong choice or step; they have many arguments in support that impedes ability to move forward.

Unsure of their career choice, they just try to emulate others and keep on reasoning themselves everyday “Can I possibly succeed in Civil Services Examination or is it I am chasing someone else’s dream?”

Making such important decisions about career on the basis of inadequate information about the task in hand makes it difficult to handle effectively. More than anything else, it is their lacklustre attitude that perpetually predicts the negative outcome.

Most of the candidates having such view just make this ‘Civil services’ arena a crowded place.


Then, comes a grouping of candidates who are sure that they have the right dreams; but, are governed by “words of the wise” and just follow the preparation for Civil Services Examination in such a way that they have template for success.

It is commonly heard, “By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can have more empathy.” Unsure of whether they are making the right decision; still these types of candidates continually remain motivated, hunt for new experiences and their actions in right direction bear fruits.

With consistence in preparation, they keep learning about the world around and sooner or later, find the way to destination.


Midst of them, there are some candidates who augment their “odds of success” before the encounter even begins.

Most of the candidates who make it to the list in their first attempt and most of the candidates securing top ranks belong to this club.

They have a clear view about the final outcome and relentlessly prepare and keep moving forward thus enhance prospects of a dazzling ending.

In between ups and downs and some mistakes are bound to happen; but, such candidates acknowledge such occurrences as a learning opportunity and prevail such testing times with positive frame of mind.

It is not that they are not bombarded with myths, wrong notions and scepticism that surround this examination; but, their outlook and attitude helps them overcome all these pessimistic views and opinions and they are out to write their own destiny.

Last Update Wednesday 7th March 2018

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