Everyone dreams to be ‘IAS’; but, how many ruminate and slog for it

Why did Tina Dabi (AIR 1) emerged as topper in Civil Services Examination 2015, even though she may not have the best skills and great experience as it was her first encounter with this examination.

More than talent and knowledge, it was her outlook and positive attitude that chalked out her success.


Like many youngsters, being a part of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) was Tina Dabi’s childhood dream.

At an early age, one may not really understand what it necessitates; but she had kept dreaming about her ‘dream’ and her parents support helped her gain knowledge and skills required for success in Civil Services Examination.

To convert these dreams in to reality, one has to master some skills and take small-small steps towards achieving the goals.

It was a decision that was bold and big and Tina had her mother’s support that removed all the suspicions about the career choice she made and path to be followed.

Who else except you know the value of your endeavour?

No doubt, parent’s role can’t be ignored; but, it was Tina who had to prepare herself to face such a fierce competition.

Her childhood dream would have remained dream if she would not have been serious about it and worked hard to convert the dream in to reality.

Everybody talks about her brilliant success; but, only a few would have measured the grind she would have gone through and one should not ignore the sacrifices she made just to make it happen.

Your outlook and attitude makes all the difference!

On her career path, she was guided by a belief “Life is the sum of all the choices that you make” and this factor made her perform so well that she grabbed the top slot.

It is not that she achieved this without much of complexity. She prepared for Civil Services Examination as other common candidates do and work really hard.  

She also embarked a preparation-plan that any other candidates follow; but, focus and hard work, it was her outlook and positive attitude that helped her accomplish the task in style.

She added, “I was committed, passionate as well as enthusiastic about my endeavour.”

In the end, a valuable piece of advice for future aspirants, “I feel everyone deserves such a success, not just a privileged few. Besides motivation and hard work, one needs to show guts and until the end have to keep hope for ‘success’ alive.”



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