4 myths that are plummeting chances of success in Main Examination

The Civil Services (Main) Examination 2016 results just got announced.

Those candidates fortunate to see their name is the list UPSC released and have reached the last stage –Personality Test (Interview) are to face Interview Boards from 20th March 2017 onwards.

At the same time, thousands of unsuccessful candidates face disappointment and just look at things that didn’t work in their favour.

As usual, while interacting with some of the candidates – successful as well as those who were not so fortunate this time, I found that despite capability and focus, 4 myths that sometimes hinder the prospects at Main Examination level.

As you are aiming for big success in Civil Services Examination 2017, just keep an eye on these.

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With Civil Services Examination 2017 in focus, you are working hard on your preparation.

Integrate Approach’ for preparation really delivers and hopefully, right now you would be indulged with Main Examination oriented preparation.

This is the time to keep an eye on the things what works and what not.

As you wish to perform and embrace desired success, be careful about these 4 observations about Main Examination:

Myth 1:

It is tough to score in Four Papers of General Studies

It is a mind-set that hinders your chances of high score in General Studies.

As the Main Examination pattern changed in 2013, we saw low scores in General Studies. But, as we observe, each passing year scoring pattern has improved remarkably and in CSE 2015 we have seen some 400+ scores in General Studies.

UPSC has clear intentions that are spelt out in notification itself that they are looking for ‘Generalists’ not ‘specialists’.

Being well read and awareness about surroundings and contemporary development makes you perform well in Main Examination.

It is not at all difficult to manage it as you have enough time to fine tune your preparation-plan to meet out the emerging requirements.

Myth 2:

Preparing General Studies is important; Optional Subject is not that significant

Agreed, General Studies has the maximum weightage; but, ignoring Optional Subject can be unsafe.

You have to plan you endeavour and accordingly showing complacency towards any question paper can be dangerous.

Precarious set up of General Studies papers leaves most of the candidates in a range as your strengths and weaknesses works in favour or against most of the candidates and only a very few are able to score very high marks in General Studies.

Whereas, a little more predictable Optional Subject offers you opportunity to score and as has been observed, scores of Optional Subject play a vital role in final success and even in getting higher ranks.

In present set-up, it is significant to have reasonably good performance with optional subject that liven up your endeavour.

Myth 3:

At Main Examination level, it is your presentation style that matters the most

I think this is the biggest myth that has made candidates face the butchery stance of UPSC examiners.

The examiner is out there to assess your intellect, knowledge, awareness and familiarity with the topic and how well you understand the question and looks for a crisp answer.

If you don’t have understanding of the topic how can you present it effectively?

Your presentation style matters only when you have a little information and acquaintance with the topic.

In such scenario, your writing skills and wisdom come in to play when you answer with your own perspective.

Myth 4:

With such a vast coverage of General Studies syllabus, there is no need to split time specifically for Essay preparation

Essay has become a game-changer in present set-up and there are evidences where Essay marks have played a vital role in selection and even in getting top ranks.

Expecting 145 odd out of 250 is possible in Essay whereas reaching that level in any paper of General Studies or for that matter Optional Subject is not at all easy.

When you are aiming for Main Examination 2017, Essay can give you the opening that adds confidence and can help in gaining an edge over others.

Your aim at Mains is not just crack it but, to score as high as you can that ensures definitive success.

All you need is to identify you strength and weaknesses and based on that, a well-laid out strategy in place.

So, be proactive and work out a specific plan for Main Examination in the beginning itself, follow it by maintaining consistency in preparation and with a bit of luck, it will work in your favour.


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Last Update Sunday 19th March 2017

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