What influence Social Media has on your Civil Services Examination preparation and how much you should bear?

Lots of candidates think and say that the influence of social media has made ‘Civil Services Examination’ preparation quite easy.

As per their views for success in Civil Services Examination, all you need is reading about toppers’ success, just follow their blogs and watch the videos uploaded on YouTube and get the preparation-plan, start action and next year, find yourself in select club of candidates who occupy the place in merit-list.

Is it so easy?

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If it would have been so easy, everyone, who is active on social media and followed what toppers converse, would have cleared this examination and would have got top ranks that ensure coveted post in ‘Indian Administrative Service”.

If not everyone, at least those ‘Top Brains’ from IITs, IIMs, AIIMS and other top institutions would have succeeded in their first encounter.

By the way, how much you depend on Social Media for Civil Services Examination preparation?

Just by following IAS Topper’s foot-steps can anyone ensure similar results?

Every year we have something like a million or so applicants for Civil services (Preliminary) Examination and majority of them, if not all, have exposure to social media.

A large number of candidates follow toppers’ posts, watch their blog and get some hint about success; still, only a few thousand of them get chance to write Main Examination and if we talk about the final success, they are only a fraction of the pie.

Many a times, some candidates erects a strange fantasy world thinking that they can possibly make it to top with ‘right advice’ but, as the nature of this examination is, such candidates are thrust into such despairing circumstances that are beyond their control.

Never forget that this is such an unpredictable examination that even the toppers are not too sure about their success before knowing their result.

It is all about planning, hard work, focus and perseverance.

In past three decades starting with Civil Services Examination 1988, I have interviewed most of the iconic names of recent years that grabbed your attention and almost all of them kept their fingers crossed before knowing the result.

While much attention is paid to negative effects of social media, the excellent news is that by sharing information using this new media, the IAS Toppers have really motivated many; and even better, have helped many discover their hidden potential.

You may be a beginner or may be a ‘consistent campaigner’; it is time to be inspired by the successful candidates who contribute so much to instill confidence in you, constantly remind you to come out of your ‘comfort zone’ and do something what delivers.

Is it such that only by showing the right direction, one can expect reaching destination?

It is a unique exam-plan and there is no distinct strategy that can create magic.

Yes, search for the right direction for unleashing chances of success is okay up to some extent; but, your ability to think clearly, creatively and swiftly as per your immediate requirements will determine you future prospects.

‘Wild Exuberance’ in any sphere of life leads to debacle and it stands true in Civil services Examination arena as well.

Inspiration really works; Look for clues that help you discover your ‘hidden potential’

The tips shared to ace the Civil Services Examination by the toppers and their success stories motivate future aspirants to do the task at hand successfully.

I wish to highlight the point again that there is no template for Civil Services Examination preparation and youngsters should feel fortunate that there are so many talented successful candidates are sharing their experiences and are out there to show the path so that you can eliminate or add something in your preparation that you may be lacking.

IAS Toppers guide, direct and motivate

All the toppers active on social media will agree with me on this point that blindly following their preparation style will not work.

Their personal experiences and preparation techniques can certainly guide, direct and motivate thousands of aspirants and show them direction; but, ultimately you are at centre-stage and have to bring out the best in you.

The reality is during preparation, there are two parts: strategy and action. If you combine these two, it becomes a thrilling formulation.

Last Update Wednesday 7th March 2018

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