Sometimes you need little help to clear suspicion about success in Civil Services Examination

Everyone talks about setting career dreams early in life and making efforts to realize these.

But, usually as it happen, in the beginning or may be in the midst of preparation, many candidates surround themselves with some doubts about success. To overcome such situations, one need little help to clear suspicion about success. 

For budding Civil Services Examination aspirant, to make their endeavor meaningful, some useful insights came from Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015) who acknowledged that her mother charted her success path and helped her undertake few steps that made her capable to realize her dreams.


While in academics, you just have dreams about ‘future career’ and with lots of lucrative career opportunities available, many options surround your mind.

As it happens, the peer-pressure forces you to look at the hot-careers, new-age careers and as a result, majority of students just follow herd mentality and make up mind about it without considering their interest and aptitude.

Reason – as a student you have limited knowledge and understanding and such a scenario leads to some circumstances that bring about a situation where many candidates surround themselves with some doubts about success. It could occur in the beginning or may be in the midst of preparation.

In the beginning, insufficient and inadequate information may create such situation. During preparation, candidates face some issues like loss of confidence and interest if they do not understand any topic or due to pressure to cope with preparation-load or time management may beget; but if you get proper guidance, you can get right advice as well as direction that shows you path to success.

Little help can clear suspicion about success

After the results were announced in May 2016, when I met Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015), confident Tina shared her views about her big dreams and said, “Like others, initially I too had been suspicious about my dream; but, then I have been sure of myself and my decisions.”

Responding to my query and setting career-goal Tina said, “When finally I made up my mind about career in ‘Civil Services Examination’ if not me, my parents were well aware of the standard UPSC examination has; after all, they are from Indian Engineering Service. What all I heard about it was that it is a grueling competition that tests your nerves.”

Her parents were her support system and very early, she understood that she has to live up to their expectations and will have to perform.

They cleared all my doubts and while planning for appearing in Civil Services Examination, the first major sacrifice came from her mother who opted for voluntary retirement.

Sharing her secret of success Tina said, “For this examination being optimistic is good; but, one should not be unrealistic. You need to be clear about the intricacies involved and should slog out to meet the level that this examination requires.”

Touching some points that finely tuned her success, Tina said, “For Civil Services Examination one has to take many key decisions and choice of optional subject (Political Science & International Relations) was one of them. Later, picking relevant study material and guidance for General Studies as well as optional subject she opted for were decisions that required deliberations.”

Yes, you need someone who can help attain the level you aspire to

So, if a little counseling, some useful suggestions can bring about changes in your fortune, you should have someone around to make contact with, when needed.

For this you have to reach out to the people who have knowledge, experience and can help attain the level you aspire to.

You need a mentor who could be your teacher, senior or even family member whom you can trust as the information you share is personal as well as sensitive enough to affect your preparation. 

Last Update Saturday 18th March 2017     

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