“Focus on one thing at a time; it helps in reaching your goal quicker”, says Aayush Garg (AIR 63; CSE 2015)

With post of ‘IAS’ in sight, Aayush Garg (AIR 63; CSE 2015) accomplished the task in very first attempt.

He has been able to execute things as per plan since he could dream about the final outcome and has commenced preparation with a fixed time-frame in mind and was clear that in case he is not able to crack the Civil Services Examination, being a qualified Chartered Accountant, he will go back and continue with his profession.


To achieve a big goal, your confidence can make a huge difference and confidence comes when you think about the end result.

Be it the beginning, middle or nearing the end of journey when the end is in sight, as you are certain about your capabilities, it is your self-believe that propels you forward.

Often we squander greater part of period juggling, too many things at one time. To make your endeavour meaningful, you should focus on one thing at a time; it assumes more significance once you plan your foray in to something like Civil Services Examination.

With such positive thoughts in mind, Aayush Garg (AIR 63; CSE 2015) made up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination and fashioned a stupendous feat that will surely inspire many talented youngsters.

As appearing in Civil Services Examination is a big task, in the beginning itself, you need to realize exactly how much time and effort you will need to accomplish the task.

Before you commence preparation, self-assessment helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you can strategize, prioritize your preparation-plan and organize yourself mentally for bumps and bends you may encounter on the path to success.

Sharing his views about his endeavour, Aayush said, “To be honest, before saying yes to foray in to Civil Services Examination, I gave it a cool thought and decided to keep 2-years’ time-frame for this venture and will try to accomplish the task.”

He made a promise to himself that in case he is not able to make it that means this career is not for him and he will quit and go back to his profession – Chartered Accountancy.

He said, “I feel when you have heart for anything, just go for it; mind will always follow.”

When you are giving 100%, you will conquer anything and mind it - the day you accomplish something you plan for, the smile that comes on face is priceless and pleasure that can’t be described in words.

Upbeat on this splendid success, he said, “I am talking out of my experience and I tell you the moment I saw my result, I was speechless. With this affirmative outcome, for the first time in my life, I encountered a situation that made me speechless.”

On this decisive result, buoyant Aayush summed up his sentiments in plain words, “It is little overwhelming moment when you see constructive result of your efforts and rewarded for things you plan. I had read about such emotions, I had heard about it; but, when I stood in front of such situation, it is an eternal feeling.”

Last Update Saturday 18th March 2017     

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