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Personality Test for Civil Services Examination: Can the interview be on expected lines?

It is an interactive session to evaluate your overall personality. For the purpose, it involves a lot of questioning and sometimes, you may encounter variety of situations that may surprise you.

To sum up, the Interview Board wants to bring the best on fore and your originality is at test.

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Some of the candidates facing interview for the first time ask, “after reading experiences of candidates interviewed earlier, sometimes gives an impression that these interviews are conducted following a set template”.

Answer is no. Each interview is afresh.

In the initial phase you may feel it is going on expected lines, as most of the times, opening is with modest questions just to make candidates comfortable. As such, Interview Boards remain friendly and cordial.

You have to respect the knowledge, experience, skill and integrity of the board members.

At the beginning of each interview to ensure consistency and neutrality, experienced board members keep it simple so that candidates may become confident with consistency in their views.

Normally, it is an interactive session involving a lot of questioning; but, you will not realize when it takes an unexpected turn and you may encounter variety of situations that may surprise you. At that moment what matters the most is ability to absorb the information and interpret it intelligently and clearly.

You have to mentally prepare for such situations so that there is no stress and you are able to handle it comfortably. That is why it is advice that more than preparation, mental preparedness for Personality Test is saviour.

Candidates, who have faced interviews earlier when they appear in Personality Test again, range of questions and diverse situations force them to be rational in approach.

Last Update Wednesday 7th March 2018

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