Civil Services Exam: 3 Questions aspirants should ask before serious preparation

As the process for Civil Services Examination begins, many among you will be waiting for this opportunity and would begin foray in to it with a view to emerge successful.

Among many factors that influence the outcome, I have listed 3 questions an aspirant need to answer before commencement of Preparation-Plan.

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I have been tracking Civil Services Examination arena for almost 3 decades and acknowledge that the aspiration to become IAS in educated youngsters is on rise.

I have tried to closely watch the aspirants and even the successful candidates and tried to identify what helps them succeed.

Is there any secret about these successful candidates? Answer is No!

All these toppers and successful candidates are no different than you. Almost all acknowledged this fact and agree that a ‘blink’ changes their status from an aspirant to an achiever.

The basis of success in Civil Services Examination is your relative performance and if you adopt a habit of never drop a chance to score even a single mark, you will find yourself in comfortable situation.

Q 1: Do I feel confident and encouraged to perform?

This is the most important thing that casts it shadow on your final result. Self-believe is one thing that helps you perform.

Civil Services Examination is a different ball game and only a positive mindset would help you stay – be it preparation or facing the real examination.

You have vision; set a goal for yourself and being confident about desired success will help set priorities and handle preparation load effectively.

Q 2: Should I be selective with my Study-Plan?

Gone are the days when this strategy worked. Look at the recent changes that have come in domain of General Studies.

The diverse disciplines, inter-relation in and across disciplines, the way traditional part is touch and reliance on dynamic events and issues, you need conceptual clarity as well as updated with the recent actions as we have access to a wealth of information at our fingertips.

Q 3: Should I immediately join the Test-Series as it is delivering now-a-days?

For majority of the aspirant’s priority list, even before they commence serious preparation, joining Test-Series is marked to do.

Let me clear my stance I am great admirer of effective evaluation as you need to measure what you have read.

But, be clear; joining ‘Test Series’ is not a guarantee for success in Civil Services Examination. I know you are fascinated about recent toppers’ views and some institutes assert to have mastered the Preliminary as well as Main Examination pattern and decoded what the examiners’ expectations are…

Test Series would be effective only if you have completed the syllabus and have revised it meticulously. In such scenario, Test Series would help you identify the areas that need attention.

One can argue that Preliminary Examination needs lots of practice and for small ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ goal, assessment is needed. You can if it is like that is being undertaken under expert guidance.

But, in current atmosphere where thousands of candidates join ‘Test Series’ particularly for Main Examination, the biggest challenge is being abreast with the latest and above all, getting the right evaluation and genuine feedback is a challenge.

At times believing these fallacies actually harms more than doing anything good.

It is pure business for coaching institutes and you should not ignore this fact. Why to blame only classroom coaching; what most of the online websites/portals have done in recent time and while rendering ‘free’ service, slowly how they have churned out a business model in shape of ‘Test-Series’ and other offerings that attracts a large section of Civil Services Examination aspirants.

In my opinion, not just follow blindly but, ‘Test Series’ is such a tool that should be used just before the examination and as near as possible.

Only those institutes should be trusted where most of the variables are taken into account and you are assessed in almost real conditioned.

Above all, be very specific who is going to assess your performance as only a genuine feedback will help.

Last Update Wednesday 7th March 2018

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