IAS! Civil Services Examination!! No-no, not me!!!

Civil Services Examination is a craze; still, many myths and wrong notions surround this examination sometimes forces many talented and deserving candidates to give it a pass.

However, this examination is both challenging and demanding; still, it is within reach of the candidates who demonstrate complete dedication towards it.

 By:      On Friday 2nd March 2018

Talk to a youngster who has just made up mind to decide about the career choice or may be career advancement, ‘Civil Services’ emerges as the top most among career opportunities available.

Despite being top-of-mind, for large number of youngsters, the first reaction is no, not for me; it is too big a challenge.

There are indeed some doubts, fear and apprehensions which initially impede their decision and some of the arguments we commonly hear are:

  • Sorry, don’t know how to go about it...,
  • I am not so strong in study...,
  • In academics, I always got 2nd/3rd division...,
  • My expression is really weak...,
  • I don’t have the skill about the endeavour...,
  • Some say, this exam is for those with humanities background candidates only...,
  • While humanities background candidates feel science and professional studies background candidates find it easier to succeed...,

Whatever the reason may be, most of the time it is lack of confidence and unnecessary worries hold them back. This examination is both challenging and demanding for the candidates as it requires them to demonstrate the dedication towards it. When others can work hard to succeed, why can’t you?

The process engage you in a long-stretch of about 15 months involving 3 stage selection structure to assess your inner knowledge, the ability to use the resources at your disposal and requires you to be tough, examination focused and committed.

Don’t allow any of these negative feeling come in the way: In, Civil Services Examination, there is no scope for expressing regrets.

Be optimistic

This examination is for optimists, who dream big achieve success.

Every year common students amongst you makes their dreams come true and hundreds of such success stories are written.

So, have faith in your capabilities and show courage to appear in Civil Services Examination.

Last Update Friday 2nd March 2018

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