“I could give my best as my parent’s sacrifice was a major motivating factor” says Ravindra Khatale, IAS

When you take some steps for career development, first you plan, then initiate actions and slowly advance towards the target.

While working with automobile industry, Khatale Ravindra Dnyaneshwar set a goal for career in Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and with focus and hard work, accomplished it in very first attempt.


After completing BE degree in Mechanical Engineering Khatale Ravindra Dnyaneshwar commenced career with automobile industry and had a 3.5 years stint with John Deere Tractors.

Today, as youth explore various career options to keep pace with time and exceptional transformation that is taking place in the world around; one query surround the mind “What to do next?

After self-assessment and looking at diverse choices available, Ravindra finally made up mind for career in ‘Civil Services’.

Explaining the reasons for his decision Ravindra said, “Because it is one of the best jobs in the country, it came on my radar. Job is dynamic, unlike monotonous schedule of corporate sector. Here you work for the real downtrodden, deprived sections of the society rather than working for few shareholders of the country. Finally, I decided in favour of it as seeing happiness, satisfaction on the faces of masses gives you the real job satisfaction.”Ravindra-Khatale-283rd-rank-ias-upsc-topper-cse-2015

Candid in talks Ravindra said, “It was not an easy transition as for foray in Civil Services Examination I planned to quit my job and prepare diligently. As I come from a simple family and my parents are farmers, it was not a straightforward choice. But, despite facing 3 continuous droughts and crop failure, they supported my decision to quit my job and prepare for UPSC. It was just not only affirmation; they always supported me financially as well.”

I was clear in my decision and if there were some conflicts, I could overcome those with one thing in mind that I have to give my best as my parent’s sacrifice was a major motivating factor.

After being mental ready, I resigned from the job in November 2014 and had just 9 months in hand for preparation as first stage Preliminary Examination was in August 2015.

One special thing that contributed in success the most is the prior habit of reading newspaper, reading books helped a lot, as I did not have to start from zero. Prior reading of books like ‘Imagining India’, ‘Getting India Back on Track’ indirectly prepared me for UPSC syllabus.

Also I tried to make studies enjoyable and smart by watching lots of documentaries, videos. Enjoyed the process like a Nishkam Karmayogi and hence could remain stress free during preparation.

Another thing that I cultivated was habit of taking notes and timely revision helped immensely in clearing CSE in first attempt itself.

I am really fortunate to have friend Ilango Rajaram (IPS), who advised me to join module-wise classes for few subjects rather than joining comprehensive GS batches.

It is not that all you strategize, everything moves as per your plan. I also had little upsetting outcome as far as my optional subject (Philosophy) marks are concerned as there were much below my expectations but, the beauty of this examination is that you have many other areas to cover up such situations. I scored very well in Essay and General Studies and that helped me accomplish my task.

Besides proper plan, timely Execution, habit of taking notes, habit of watching documentaries, animations for understanding, timely revision allowed me to get top rank.

Test series for both Prelims and Main Examination and most importantly habit of not giving any test without preparation gave me confidence and self-belief.

To motivate future aspirants Ravindra’s advice:

  • Enjoy the process of UPSC cause “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans” and Once you start enjoying Polity, Economy, History, Geography, Civil Services Examination will be a cakewalk for you.
  • Always remember even if you don’t become an IAS, you will become an enlightened citizen of this country and won’t live your life as an ignorant person.

If I can clear CSE in my first attempt, so can you..!!

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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