“Besides academics, it is a test of one's patience and perseverance” says Rachit Rawat (IFS, CSE 2015)

A commerce graduate, Rachit Rawat has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 and has got a post in Indian Foreign Service (IFS). It was his second attempt.

In earlier attempt also he tasted success and was allocated Indian Postal Service in first attempt.


When it comes to career choice, options you desire the most, comes to mind first. With so many alternatives available, it is essential to identify choices that match your aptitude.

Rachit Rawat visualized his vision and after completing B.Com (Hons) from SRCC, Delhi University chased his dream and commenced Civil Services Examination preparation diligently. He spent a brief time pursuing M.A. (Political Science) with specialization in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (though he de-registered from the course as it was affecting his Civil Services Examination preparation).

Rachit has shown faith in Public Administration as optional subject and accomplished this task in second attempt.Rachit-rawat-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-140th-rank

Simplifying the reason for choosing ‘Civil services’ as career Rachit said, “A career in Civil Services offers a platform where one could endeavour to make a huge impact on different aspects of public life. Not only are the Services very challenging, but at the same time, they are very satisfying. Also, the respect shown by the society is heartening.”

Showing gratitude towards parents Rachit said, “Facing such a big task would not have been possible without family's contribution and it needs to be appreciated. My father is a Doctor and mother, a homemaker. Siblings are doctors, engineers and MBAs. I am the sole bureaucrat in the family.  My family was my single most important source of motivation. All of them stood by me, even in bad times; and prodded me, when I needed to study.”

In a nut-shell, “A support system in the form of family and friends enabled me to face challenging moments during the examination process.”

Retorting to my query about devising an effective preparation-plan Rachit said, “During the preparation, there were many course corrections required, with respect to the reading material and the method of studying. You will be shocked to hear that the best advises were given by those who prepared hard; but, could not make their way to the final list. Many friends and seniors figure in this category. I thank all of them and wish them good luck.”

There is nothing special that contributed in desired success as I had tasted success in earlier attempt as well and was allocated Indian Postal Service in my first attempt. This time priority for me was maintaining regularity. I set daily targets and treated myself, say with chocolates and good food when I accomplished them.

I always took one day at a time. Thinking about future events and results can make one forget the task at hand.

Also, being patient and persevering to make daily newspaper and current affairs notes gave me that extra edge during exams.

Civil Services Examination, is not only a test of one's academics, but also is a test of one's patience and perseverance. I tried to maintain my calm and composure throughout the process.

I have been allotted Indian Foreign Service this time. For me, there is no better privilege than representing your country abroad.

While motivating future aspirants few words of advice from Rachit, “Yes ! The exam is challenging but not impossible. All you need is a strong sense of conviction in your own abilities. All else, is just noise.”

One more thing, gone are the days when you needed 10-12 hours a day. I studied for Sundays, when I did not enter my study room; I played, ate good food and spent quality time with family and friends.

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