“Self-believe and a positive frame of mind towards success keeps you glued to the purpose” says Neha Meena, (IAS, CSE 2015)

Immediately after completing engineering degree in 2014 from NSIT, Delhi Neha Meena appeared in Civil Services Examination 2015 and emerged victorious in very first attempt.

She has qualified for coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS).


Sometimes, few incidents in life change the course of life and inspire to work harder. If one has calibre, commitment and with unswerving efforts raise standard, accomplishing task become relatively easier for them.

In her first attempt, Neha Meena cracked coveted Civil Services Examination 2015 and secured 547th rank that got her post in Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

She was so much focused on the goal that she refused to look at any other career and didn’t look at campus interviews so that complete attention is converged on the task in hand.

Her father is a bank manager in RRB and mother is a home maker. “It is because of my mother’s consistent attention and care that I could concentrate on my studies”, said Neha. My younger brother was very supportive too as he used to ask me questions when we both discussed diverse topics. I would say my success is all the result of my family. Their dream and expectations kept me always charged. My father's non-breakable confidence in me and my mother's faith were the special reasons.neha-meena-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-547th-rank-first-attempt

My father had given Civil Services (Main) Examination twice but he could not clear because of low marks in English (compulsory). He has been guiding me all the way from 11th standard. So, to begin with the advice cum guidance for Civil Services Examination preparation came from my father; later on, I was guided by Baliyan Sir who taught history.

Initially, career in Indian Administrative Service was my father's dream; but, I started dreaming the same when I came across many downs during one phase of life. Things went extremely wrong. That phase definitely boosted my morals to try and fulfil my parent’s expectations, till I die.

Neha narrated a painful story that changed the direction of her life completely, shake her spirits awake and gave her a purpose. A case happened in two branches of the bank, but only my father got suspended in 2008. After that what followed were departmental apathy and loop holes. Even when the procedure says the suspension cannot be more than a year, he was suspended till Sep 2014. During this time every family member turned their face away. For those 7 years, it was only my father’s best friend Mr. Bhanwar Singh Rathore who stood by our side. That phase of helplessness and suffering made me realise the importance of Civil Services. My father once told me that 'he is socially dead; it’s only me who can make him alive.'

I thank God for this success as my result has brought smile back on his face.

Civil Services Examination preparation requires commitment and if you are not focused, your endeavour can become hollow and meaningless. Moreover, you can’t look at it as phase-wise examination and the present pattern is that requires ‘integrated approach’ for preparation.

Recounting the preparation related strategies, Neha said, “It is all about choosing the right resource, smart preparation-planning and perfect execution of strategies only will deliver desired results. Maintaining consistency in preparation is very important.”

Neha has a piece of advice for future aspirants, “The Civil Services Examination plan is exhaustive and tiring; but from the beginning, self-believe and a positive frame of mind towards success keeps you glued to the purpose.

Whenever, you feel low or uninspired, look in the mirror and tell yourself that 'Yes, I can' !

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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