“My good writing skills and mastery over optional subject ensured Success” said Rohitashva Singh Tomar (First Attempt Achiever)

As it is quite common, fear of failure keeps lots of candidates on the sidelines and lack of clarity of goal results in procrastination. Usually, what happens, talented youngsters wait for the right time and with subsequent knowledge perk up and by learning skills, build a strong foundation and at appropriate occasion accomplish the task in style.

Rohitashva Singh Tomar waited patiently till he got conviction to appear and in his first attempt cracked Civil Services Examination 2015.


Obsession about career in ‘Civil Services’ helped Rohitashva Singh Tomar achieve success in Civil Services Examination 2015 that too in very first attempt.

Rohitashva, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, BE from IET-DAVV Indore has taken a call once he felt, he can; nevertheless, by that time he had gone through various phases of life.

Revealing the reason for procrastinating Rohitashva said, “I have thought about Civil Services before also; but, could not muster the courage to go for preparation. I was lacking confidence. Probably, it would have been disaster as I was not psychologically geared up.”ROHITASHVA-SINGH-TOMAR-upsc-topper-cse-2015-664th-rank-1st-attempt-management

“But, two years of MBA has given me tools to see a problem in holistic way and has helped me in preparation being more organized, efficient and accurate” he disclosed.

Rejoining on why ‘Civil Services’ as career Rohitashva said, “After completing my MBA, as new-age careers fascinate people like me, I got attracted towards online industry and was working in Supply Chain Management in e-commerce sector.”

“There I was doing good work; but, I always had this feeling that I can do much more in such a way that I could make positive impact in life of people. My 4 years work experience gave me a perspective on problems in our country and I could realize that Civil Services would allow me to directly contribute in solving these issues” he added.

Rohitashva acknowledges the valuable support from family and showing gratitude said, My father is a scientist in CSIR and has supported me in all my endeavors without any thought. When I decided to leave my job for preparation of CSE he supported me wholeheartedly. My mother has been my biggest pillar of support and has kept faith in me when even I have lost faith in myself. She has been the guiding force in my life. My wife is the one who has motivated me for Civil Services and given me strength to take leap of faith. She supported me for 1.5 years when I was jobless and is my equal partner in this success.

I began preparation with enthusiasm and in the beginning itself I envisioned end result. Success in Civil Services Examination is not that difficult if you come with firm belief in your abilities and work hard in the right direction.

Commenting on the foundation of preparation Rohitashva said, “I got right guidance during early days from my friend Dhawal who is IAS 2014 batch. Later, I relied on self-study and online websites were main guide.

Although, I relied on my strength, my subject ’Management’ as optional subject; it proved to be strategic and accounted for my success in first attempt.

If your optional subject is of your interest, you are able to consciously direct your attention for a longer stretch and focus makes comprehend things easily.

“My good writing skills and mastery over optional subject ensured top ranks” said Rohitashva. Elaborating his perspective, he said, “General Studies and essay are hygiene factors and needs to be done by all. At the same time, you could never rely on Personality Test; so, optional becomes most important”

Motivating future aspirants Rohitashva said, Always keep your goal in sight and write as much as possible. With targeted studies a hard working student could crack this examination.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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