“Besides my all activities one thing that helped me in putting my heart and soul in to preparation was my fitness” says 327th rank Jitesh V Patil

For an IITian, it has been a journey that has been extended a little long as Jitesh V Patil accomplished his dream of becoming IAS in his third attempt.

He secured 327th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 and had kept Mechanical Engineering as optional subject.


Jitesh V Patil, a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Delhi) has secured 327th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 that ensures post in Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Jitesh belong to die-hard fans club that swear by their own subject and have shown faith in his own subject and picked up Mechanical Engineering as Optional Subject.

Jitesh had to wait a little longer as this success came to him in his 3rd attempt.

Being an IIT Delhi alumnus, he was among Civil Services Examination achievers and for him; goal setting was not at all a mind-game. He was very clear what level he has to attain and what is to be accomplished.

Jitesh said, “Sense of the purpose made me stick to my goal and despite earlier unsuccessful attempts, I focused my attention on the goal and this time I could do justice with it.”

Most of the initial preparation-plan, ideas about resource and how to go about it were influenced by my seniors and the inspiration was enough to commence groundwork for the first attempt.

Later, I realized that being aware of requirements in one thing and how much it suits you is another. Accordingly, I changed my approach based on my strengths and weaknesses that identified my priorities as well. I altered my strategies accordingly and could realize my dreams. 

Responding to my query why career in civil service? Jitesh said, “When I set the goal it was not merely about success in Civil Services Examination or eyeing post in Indian Administrative Services (IAS). It was all about my quest to learn more and more about the people of the country and knowing it well that career in ‘Civil services’ will provide opportunity to serve them. It gives immense job satisfaction and opportunity to be part of socio-economic change."

Candid in talks, Jitesh said, “The thing that contributed the most in success is simple – my straightforward engineering approach. My preparation was completely based on study of question patterns, outlining bounds of study area and rolling plans to cover the same.

I had seen people preparing and succeeding that too with top ranks. I have been a part of their celebrations so, I knew that just focusing on the goal and maintaining consistency in preparation will work and I have to keep myself away from anything that distracts me.

I was clear in mind that I am capable of achieving grand success in Civil Services Examination; it may take a little longer but, I will certainly reach my destination.

Besides my all activities one thing that helped me in putting my heart and soul in to preparation was my fitness and for that running was a routine.

To motivate future aspirants Jitesh said, “Civil Services Examination preparation involves a learning process and one goes through diverse disciplines. The deeper one delves, the more he/she discovers about topics and that is how the knowledge grows, awareness builds."

"Enjoy the learning and vie to become the best service provider to the poorest" he added.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019     

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