“With patience and perseverance only I could prove my self-worth and took all setbacks as process of learning and growing” says 132nd rank Swapnil G Wankhade

With motivation from his father and lots of encouragement and support from friends, Swapnil G Wankhade made it to Indian Administrative Services (IAS) in his fourth attempt.

He secured 132nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.


Swapnil G Wankhade, a Software Engineer after working in industry for three years, turned his attention towards career uplift and has fulfilled dreams by achieving success in Civil Services Examination 2015 by securing 132nd rank that ensures post in coveted Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

His parents are retired; while his father was Head Master and Mother was Staff in charge in Government Hospital. Coming from a small middle class family with no one around even in distant relation having top government posts or services, it was quite a big decision for Swapnil to make up mind to appear in Civil Services Examination.

About the support he got from parents, family and friends, Swapnil said, “However, my father always motivated me to think big and do something worthwhile for the Society and directing my attention towards Civil Services Examination is result of the stimulation I kept on getting from him. And an adage he commonly use "failure is never final unless you think it is" has really steered me through this gruelling competition.”

I got the right advice on preparation-plan from my friend Sachin Amale who advised me from time to time. My father always ensured that failures do not eat away my self confidence and teachers/seniors also advised me about dos and don’ts.

Retorting to my query about what led to this amazing result Swapnil said, “With defined objective, I planned to move on the path with an open mind. I just aimed at the opportunity without expecting success immediately in first shot at it.

It has been a step-by-step progression towards the goal as Swapnil commenced career with selection as Assistant Commandant in 2013 (UPSC). In last attempt, although he tasted success; but, could get Indian Revenue Services IRS (IT) in CSE 2014.SWAPNIL-G-WANKHADE-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-132nd-rank

When I asked him to explicate what was unique that contributed in success, Swapnil said, “There are two factors; One, I didn’t allow the failures and results that were short of expectations to entrench my mind. My attitude to fight back helped me to gain this success. Second, understanding key words of the questions and hitting on the question direct helped me secure good marks.”

As has been the case with me, if you have someone in contact who has been unsuccessful in previous attempt; still preparing for next attempt diligently, you can get useful insights about what lacked in preparation and how attempts are made to bridge that gap.

When I look back, tackling the fear of low scores I got in interview in previous attempts was not easy. I had a different perspective; with a mindset that there is always scope for improvement and just with confidence, I overcome this hitch.

I could prove my self-worth with patience and perseverance and took all setbacks as process of learning and growing.

Sharing his experiences, Swapnil said, “A beginner should do 3 simple things:

  1. You must learn, think and take notes on your thought; work-note must be truly yours.                                    
  2. Focus on revision as you build up your study. From 10% to 90% your revision to reading ratio must go on increasing with passage of time.                                         
  3. Confidence develops from hard work. Always try to improve yourself every day with your hard work, confidence will follow you as a by product.

In the end I asked him to express his feeling on success that has been eluding him, Swapnil made it clear with simple answer, “If, by chance I would have stopped mid-way, I would not have achieved the satisfaction I got with this accomplishment. If you work hard, have self-believe and focused on your goal, maintaining consistency only will take to your destination – Career in IAS.”

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