“The internet is surely an under-acknowledged ocean of information that most candidates actually rely on” says 270th rank Bandla Dinesh Aditya

Civil Services Examination has a class of its own and many a times candidates remain mystified about success in this examination. It took good five attempts for Bandla Dinesh Aditya to decode it as he gripped 270th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.


I am mesmerized by how much knowledge Bandla Dinesh Aditya bring to the table as he successfully made it to the list and has secured 270th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

Bandla Dinesh Aditya did B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from MGIT, Hyderabad. He is currently pursuing PhD (JRF) in Osmania University Hyderabad and previously has dropped out of MBA from SIBM, Pune; completed an MA in Communication & Journalism from Osmania University and have an MA in Public Administration from IGNOU.

What sets him apart? Some of these Aditya pursued before ever giving a thought to the Civil Service examination and some have been parallel to the preparation and his previous attempts.

He has exposure to both the private sector as well as the public sector – that includes 2-years stint as a Senior Software Engineer in Wipro and as a Probationary Officer in State Bank of India for close to a year. Still, he continued efforts to create a path to tread on.

Was it all result of direction-less decision making? “No”, said Aditya. “In this sense, a career in Civil Service finally felt like a good fit even if I came to it by a process of elimination.Bandla-Dinesh-Aditya - ias-upsc-topper-CSE-2015 - 270-Rank

Both his parents are Civil Servants. His father B S S Prasad is in the Indian Forest Service (IFoS), 1983 Batch, AP cadre and is currently serving as the Member Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) and his late mother Mrs. G Suvarna Rani was in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) 1983 Batch, Odisha Cadre and served in various capacities in the Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and the Central governments and after resigning from IAS she worked in the development sector to contribute more directly to the society.

Showing gratitude towards parents and family Aditya said, “I therefore aspire to be like my father and mother and they are my eternal inspiration. My elder brother B K Abhishek works in the US as a computers & network security expert and has been a source of steadfast encouragement and motivation in the various different directions I took in my career. So growing up I never had to look beyond my own home to find inspiration. My wider family especially my uncles K Rushya Rao IPS, Bandla Sai Babu and my cousins K Praveen Kumar IAS and K Vijay Kumar have been constant motivators throughout my preparation.”

Retorting to my query, why career in ‘Civil Services’ Aditya said, “My parents being Civil Servants is obviously a huge pull factors. It was their silent desire that I attempt this examination. And since I no longer had any illusions about the private sector, I felt that given the steadfast support of my family, I should take up the challenge.

I was initially hesitant towards my ability to gain a selection and understood that it is not rational to blindly believe that I was “meant” to be. But I also thought that I should do justice to the faith placed in me by people around me.

About the examination, it is my honour that each year I could interact (since “compete” sounds adversarial) with a slice of young, driven and motivated candidates from all corners of India - measuring myself (and many times falling short!) against such a faceless amorphous ambitious multitude is constant motivating factor.

Now that selection is finally a reality, I think Civil Service presents candidates like me an opportunity to be a part of something that is meaningful to everyday people of the country. If I can manage to do my job right, then I hope that somewhere it contributes to the betterment of ordinary peoples’ lives.

Clearly not all jobs in this exam are oriented towards direct people interaction, but all government activities are ultimately for the good of the people. And all things considered, in a democracy there is no greater force that works for the good of the people than the government. So I hope to be of use.

From where did he get the right advice on preparation-plan; responding to that Aditya said, “Advice for this examination was available in surplus for me. Given my background and circumstances, I have always had family and friends (they know who they are!) to guide me. But the internet is surely an under-acknowledged ocean of information that most candidates actually rely on.”

As far as a “Plan” for preparation, I have mostly constructed my own plan of study by trial and error.

I made a rough estimate of the time it would take to cover most parts of the syllabus and tried to keep a balance of the various GS papers’ topics so that I would not skew my preparation towards one particular area disproportionately and kept all the papers on an even keel.

I tried using a calendar planner with some success on this attempt.

This success came to him in his 5th Attempt (CSE 2010 – Mains; CSE 2011 – Mains; CSE 2013 – Interview; CSE 2014 – Prelims; CSE 2015 – Selection).

Commenting on his journey Aditya said, It may not be ideal to have such a long-winding path, but as they say “different strokes for different folks”!


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