“Consistency and Patience helped me get through the Civil Services Examination” says Vinit Agarwal (AIR 128; CSE 2015)

A Mechanical Engineer, Vinit Agarwal has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 in his second attempt and has secured 128th rank in the Merit-List.



In the beginning, when an educated and ambitious youth commence career exploration with hope and ambition some follow the herd, some make career decisions based on aptitude.

Such people combine their talent with hard work and focus energies in right direction, achieve what truly matters for them in life. Though, sometimes, it takes a little longer to achieve what they aspire for.

What Vinit Agarwal, a Mechanical Engineer, has done is quite remarkable as he secured 128th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015. This success has come to him in his second attempt.

As the trends suggests, like many other engineers, by making cross-domain shift, Vinit also left his own subject and picked History as optional subject.VINIT-AGRAWAL-128th-rank-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015

Retorting to my query why career in ‘Civil Services’ Vinit said, “Everyone aims to have a wonderful as well as empowering career and Civil services provides the most direct platform to bring a transformational change in the society and to serve the people. Along with it, the diversity of the services enticed me to opt for ‘Civil Services’ as a career.

“If I could align firmly with my goal, it is due to my family”, said Vinit. “Mine is a joint family from small town Rajgangpur in Odisha. Family members kept me cheered up and motivated me to strive higher. They helped me overcome the low moments during preparation.”

In the beginning, I had drive and passion for success; but, the right advice for preparation came from a number of seniors who helped me a lot and top-of-all, I also learned from the mistakes committed in the my previous attempt.

In my last attempt, I could not qualify Main Examination; I got dejected. I took it as a learning opportunity. I was well aware of my strengths and weaknesses and accept as true in wise saying “who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life.”

With a positive frame of mind, I begun preparation again for CSE 2015 and proved that my dreams were realistic.

When I asked, what worked for him this time Vinit said, “I tried to keep it meaningful and to the point. Those who master the art to express views in limited words are rewarded adequately in Main examination.”

Sharing his success-mantra Vinit said, “Consistency and patience really helped me got through the Civil Services Examination.

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