“When I started Civil Services Examination preparation, I couldn’t see the future; but, I gave it all that I have” says 46th rank Saurabh Gaharwar

While lots of talented youth find excuse of working, being married and other obligations to cover their inability to set Goals; a few achievers set an example for others to follow.

Saurabh Gaharwar, pursuing senior residency at AIIMS has secured 46th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 and accomplished the task in his first attempt itself.


There are a few who reach the pinnacle; attain what they aim for and accomplish what they set as Goal.

Saurabh Gaharwar, MBBS, M.D. (Radio Diagnosis), P.D.C.C. (Vascular Radiology), after achieving such milestones in life was making primary contribution towards society working as Senior Resident at AIIMS, New Delhi.

When he thought he has embraced the purpose of life, while pursuing senior residency at AIIMS, the prevailing health related issues, dismal condition of health services and dearth of medical facilities for masses changed the purpose of life.

Being aware of ‘Civil Service’ and plethora of opportunities it offers to work, Saurabh made his mind that it could offer a bigger canvas to contribute and increases contribution multi-fold to work for the betterment of the people.

Saurabh had shown faith in his own subject and picked Medical Science as optional subject. He secured 46th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 and accomplished the task in his first attempt itself.

Clarifying his stand Saurabh said, “In present role I could heal people; but, my dream is to be an individual different from the crowd; a person with ears to millions of destitute whose voice is never heard. In short, I found it as the most rewarding way to live as a human being."

“I had discovered the path but, it would not have been possible without my family”, said Saurabh. “My father is a professor, my mother a principal, my wife a doctor and my sisters are well settled in their professionSAURABH-GAHARWAR-ias-topper-cse-2015-upsc-first-attemptal fields.  Regarding their contribution, I cannot express that with paper and pen. The tears from their eyes on my achievement explained it all. They went through all the hardships during my endeavour, and were supportive in the best possible manner.” 

If family was my support system, the right advice on preparation plan came from one of my close friend in Delhi who helped me as well as challenged me for this pursuit.

Later, the teachers of Dhyeya IAS guided me in the right direction. Internet is quintessential especially the sites of Mrunal and iaspassion, which are sufficient in itself to have an idea of how and what to prepare.

About the outcome and chances of success Saurabh said, “I commenced preparation whole-heartedly and gave the attention it craves; my purpose was gaining knowledge and each passing day, my horizons got widened and I really enjoyed the journey. When I started Civil Services Examination preparation, I couldn’t see the future; but, I gave it all that I have.”

“I would like to add that without self-realisation and commitment, it would just be a half work done. Try never to leave any stone unturned during the process of self-development” he added.

If setting Goals require focused attention, preparation-plan requires care as you have to move on a path you have lot many things to do while clock starts moving reverse as each passing day reduces number of days left before d-day.  

Saurabh’s Advice to future aspirants:

  • Self-belief is must.
  • Make a plausible goal.
  • Strive to build a basic understanding of all the issues
  • Keep incentivising yourself at regular intervals.
  • This is because the levels of endorphins are pretty important to concretise your basics and which will also keep you away from depression.
  • Never think of failure because a thought of it will dilute your energy. I don't say it will not come in your mind, it will but at that time you all need to bend it towards success (e.g. if it comes to mind – “I can” change it a little “I will”).
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