“I was surrounded by influencers - my family members who always encouraged me to perform”, says Jatin Lal (AIR 42; CSE 2015)

It is quite easy to succumb or to escape from the tough situations; but, if you are determined and are surrounded by positive people who constantly challenge you to move forward, chances are it may take a little longer; but, in the end you will emerge as a champion.

One such winner is Jatin Lal, who fulfilled the commitment he has made to himself as much needed push in career progression has given him a place in the coveted Indian Administrative Services (IAS)


29 years old Jatin Lal, a B.Tech. (Information Technology) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has gripped 42nd spot in the merit-list in Civil Services Examination 2015.

It was Jitin’s third attempt and from his side, probably this was his last effort as he got married in 2014 and was blessed with a son in March 2016.

As such, he was working as Junior Manager in Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd. (BECIL) a Public Sector Undertaking under Ministry of Information &Broadcasting.

His Father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker. His elder sister works in a bank. His wife as well as younger sister is Lecturer. The new addition in family, his son is just 4 months old.

It was a transition from routine to something purposeful and elebotating on why he chose ‘Civil Services’ as career, Jatin said, “Working for the welfare of the society and the diversity and challenging nature of job of an IAS is the reason for choosing this career.“

The goal I set for myself was well-defined and I was clear what I am aiming for; but, my situation was such that I could not shrug-off my responsibilities. I had many roles to play and giving attention to the obligations attached to each one of them took my lot of time and effort.

Candidly talking about his decision Jatin said, “Honestly I evaluated the choice I had made for my career elevation and the only thing that gave me solace was that I was surrounded by influencers - my family members who always encouraged me to focus on my goal and had full faith in my competence.  My wife also supported my decision and contributed a lot in my preparation.”

In first attempt he could not clear Preliminary Examination. In 2nd attempt, he made it to the reserve list and in this third attempt; he covered a lot of ground and secured top rank. 

When I started, I experienced a tremendous lack of clarity about the needs and requirements. I got constructive suggestions and guidance for General Studies and for my optional subject, Philosophy. However, there were several sources which contributed in my success including my friends.

For preparing General Studies Jatin had a strategy that included diverse but limited studying, Continuous Reading of newspapers and complimenting it with Current Affairs notes, writing practice and test series help him in making sensible use of time.

“This time Essay was among major focus areas and I wrote few essays and few structures”, said Jatin. “I picked those topics for which I had the maximum and diverse content. I chose those topics in which my knowledge of Philosophy could be used adequately. I practiced few essays and made few structures to be more comfortable.”  

The biggest problem one face while preparing again for next attempt is that while reading the same stuff again monotony sets in and makes it really difficult to find rhythm. Moreover, I had reasons to leave it mid-way; but, I took it as challenge and my circumstances gave me power to move and work hard so that I am able to achieve what I am aspiring for.

Jatin said, “Life is not easy and I too faced several problems during the course of my preparation. My parents have problem in walking. My wife was pregnant during my preparation and needed my support. I faced several problems in getting leave from my office. Thus, don’t blame anything on the problems.”

“If you have decided to join civil then just work hard and have faith in yourself” he added.  

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019     

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