“If you are constantly challenging yourself, the progression is there for the taking” says Annapurna Garg (AIR 68; CSE 2015)

Passion for career in ‘Civil Services’ lures attention of educated and aspiring youth and Annapurna Garg is no exception. She took first attempt barely 5 days after completion of post-graduation and appeared in Civil Services Examination 2013 lacking effective preparation.

But, soon she realized the mistake and prepared efficiently and wrote Main Examination in CSE 2014; but, fell short of few marks to clear it.

In her 3rd attempt, she cleared Civil Services Examination 2015 and has secured 68th Rank in the merit-list.


Annapurna Garg, a post-graduate in Psychology from Delhi University had to wait for a while before her goal came to fruition.

She sacrificed all options for the career in ‘Civil Services’ and was ready to put in unrelenting efforts till she reached the ultimate goal.

As it was destined now, Annapurna cracked Civil Services examination 2015 in her third attempt and secured 68th rank that assured her post in Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Living in Delhi-NCR (Faridabad) Annapurna‘s father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. Her brother Chaitanya Garg’s approach towards life has been a blessing in disguise for her.ANNAPURNA-GARG-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-68th-rank-psychology

Annapurna‘s guiding principle in life is “If you are constantly challenging yourself, the progression is there for the taking.”

When it came to career-choice Annapurna had lots of options open; even, she had cleared NET-JRF recently, which would have helped her join PhD. But, her heart was for ‘Civil Services’ a career she has envisioned for herself since childhood.

Commenting on her career choice Annapurna said, “I think that one must do where one’s heart and soul lies. And for me, my heart and soul was in civil services. Also, I found my aptitude suitable for working in this field. She was aware of the rewards of achieving it and what difference it will make in life."

She used to get fascinated about IAS toppers’ success and initially to some extent it looked they are special as if they belong to different world and reaching among the top ranks seemed blurred. However, as she moved on, effects got distinct and she realized that those who show complete dedication and put in persistent hard-work achieve desired success. So, what looked like distant dream in the beginning came much closer with passage of time.

In her opinion, the best thing to commence Civil Services Examination preparation is to get to the bottom of previous years’ question papers that helps in understanding the depth of the issues needed to study and in turn, shed light on what to study and how much is enough.

Showing gratitude towards parents, she said, “As my parents reposed full faith in me and facilitated a stress-free environment that really helped me in giving my best; there deserve the whole credit for this success.

 I believed in “Learn from your mistakes” & “Never Lie to yourself as self-deception is self destruction” and these are the secret of my success, added Annapurna.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019     

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