Civil Services Examination: Take advantage of Peer Group to evaluate your performance

When we create a list of the most useful technique for effective learning and improving memory ‘Group Study’ is an effective tool to prepare for Civil Services Examination.

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It is important to observe and evaluate other candidate’s performance to establish your preparedness for Civil Services Examination.

As it is practically impossible to compare with a large number of candidates appearing in this examination and since most of the candidates are spread geographically all over the country.

You can make use of your Peer Group as a sort of measuring stick to compare peer group performance to understand your preparation level.

The genuine feedback and the reaction you get from other candidates helps you improve and build confidence.

An idea that opens new doors

Peer Group is excellent forum to gain required skill, confidence and inclination towards the goal.

An effective group is where you have mutual trust and the information sharing is reciprocal which helps each member of the group.

You should meet, network and exchange thoughts with fellow candidates who are grappling with similar issues and challenges related to this examination preparation.

It may sounds formal and a little complicated to you; but, it is nothing of that sort.

You start finding a few, you will get a many. Each one of you will have your own network. Now, it is up to you to chose and form a group with people of your liking and taste.

Stay connected and realize each one of you form the resource for each other during preparation time.

Last Update Wednesday 4th April 2018

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