“Dedication, Discipline and Determination will surely bring you success” says Bidisha (AIR 210; CSE 2015)

Bidisha, B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 and has secured 210th rank.

In her first attempt, her Essay performance was howler as she got only 60 marks. This time, she cared for the areas that needed attention and put up a show that helped her succeed and secured a decent rank.


In her second attempt Bidisha has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 and has secured 210th Rank.

She had kept Anthropology as optional subject.

In her first attempt, Bidisha could not clear Main Examination. In her earlier attempt she had 60 marks in essay paper. But, this time, Essay & Interview marks played a big role in her success. Her final score was very near her expectations as she scored 122 in Essay and in interview she got 193 marks that helped her get a decent place in the merit-list.

Her family has been a constant source of motivation. Normally in our society, as it happens, grandparent’s biggest wish is to see their grandchildren getting married; but, Bidhasha’s grandmother always used to says she wants to see her as a ‘Civil servant’.

She feels her family’s support and an amazing peer group for regular discussions and motivation as the biggest factor that contributed in success. Besides, my peer group of 3-4 friends, my teachers have also played the most vital role.BIDISHA-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2015-210th-rank-anthropology

Acknowledging her friends support, Bidisha said, “Good friends have the ability to offer much needed support during preparation as they are an effective means of information exchange and offers unbiased opinion that matters a lot in the end.

Revealing the reason of choosing ‘Civil Services’ as career, Bidisha said, “ It is the only service that provides huge responsibility at the entry level and provides a platform for contributing to the holistic development of society.”

Decoding the Civil Services Examination, Bidisha said, “Actually it’s not as unpredictable as it seems. One should be update with the current affairs, policies of the government, trends in society and trends in USPC questions.”

“Also, attempting as many questions as possible before the exam can help in predicting many topics”, she added.

Accepting the significance of selection of optional subject is and role it can play in final result Bidisha said, “Marks in the optional paper makes huge difference in the final ranking. So, such a subject should be selected that falls within the comfort zone of the candidate and can be prepared within 2-3 months time.”

Sharing her experience, Bidisha said, “Dedication, discipline and determination will surely bring you success. If you clear the Civil Services Examination, you achieve your dream.”

“If you don’t, you emerge as a very knowledgeable person; so, both ways you’re a winner” she added.

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