“Knowing the facts and requirements at each stage of examination makes things manageable as well as more productive”, says Ashish Tiwari (AIR 6; CSE 2015)

Ashish Tiwari is one of the candidates who thought of ‘Civil Services’ when it clicked to him and prepared without caring for others; moved along the path with his own understanding of the things and produced a brilliant success by securing 6th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.


It is like a dream coming true for 27 years old Ashish Tiwari, a B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jamshedpur. 

In his second attempt, he has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 and has found his name at 6th spot in the merit-list.

Ashish was working with Indian oil Corporation for five years. The tryst with Civil Services Examination started in 2014 when Ashish made up his mind to appear in the examination and his decision pleased his parents the most as they wished he should at least try; but, could never express their desire to their son.

With a decent job in a leading PSU, I chose ‘Civil Services’ as it provides a profile that is diverse in nature and offers plethora of opportunities, said Ashish; but, the moment things were placed on track, I confronted the opinion people had about this examination and majority of them said, “It is just too late to start the game.”ASHISH-TIWARI-ias-topper-6th-rank-upsc-cse-2015-public-administration

With a feeling that ‘it’s never too late, if you have the right spirit’ I commenced preparation and planned to have 2-3 attempts to see if it works.

I started preparation only in July 2014 and the Preliminary Examination was in August.

Because of my engineering background handling CSAT was not that difficult, I could clear the Prelims; but, managing preparation for Main Examination was difficult. I couldn’t even cover syllabus once.

I think CSE 2014 attempt was just with a beginner’s mindset; but, I wrote Main Examination. That itself was an indication that I was on right path and my gut-feel proved right when I saw this result.

Ashish admitted, “Honestly I was anticipating my name among the successful candidates; but, looking at the unpredictable nature of the examination, thinking about IAS was too high an expectation."

"When I saw result and found my name against Rank 6, I was just staring computer screen for few seconds. And what has followed after that is overwhelming; suddenly I have become center of attraction.”

Similar thoughts occurred to mind even when I was to decide about my optional subject. Unaware of present trends, I just looked at the optional subject available, my eyes stopped at ‘Public Administration’ as I felt, what else suits the best as I aspire to make a career in administrative jobs. I was not aware of fear factor associated with it in recent years.

Moreover, as a part of my strategy, I thought I should have such optional subject that could give me around 250 marks. With limited time in hand for preparation in first attempt, I scored 213 without preparation.

I had interest in Public Administration and when I got guidance from Mr. Mohanty (Synergy) in Delhi, my belief in Public Administration got firm and I could grasp the subject well. In the end, it went on to become a part of my success-story.

Elaborating about his foray in to Civil Services Examination, Ashish said, “When I commenced my preparation my friends gave me lots of insights on 'how to play the game – learn the rules and try to do the right things’ and I feel if you know the facts and requirements at each stage of examination, it becomes easy to prioritize things in study-plan.

I feel if you put in little effort in the beginning on these small things, it would be manageable will make you more productive.

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