Success is not that easy; you have to work hard and smart to crack Civil Services Examination; says Shrikrishnanath B Panchal (AIR 16; CSE 2015)

Shrikrishnanath B Panchal, a doctor, has secured 16th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

It was his 3rd attempt and he has gone ahead with his own subject ‘Medical science’ as optional subject.


From a small place in Latur district (Maharashtra) Shrikrishnanath B Panchal, a medico, has created a success that will inspire future aspirants to achieve big in life.

He secured 16th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015. It was his third attempt.

His father is a retired primary school teacher and mother is a housewife. His elder brother is a Civil Engineer.SHRIKRISHNANATH-B-PANCHAL-ias-topper-upsc-2016-16th-rank-medical-science

Giving details about his foray in to Civil Services Examination, Shrikrishna said, “After my initial choice medical profession, I always thought it is really a satisfying career in medicine; but, it means nothing if I am good at something and capable of much more, stopping here will add any value.”

“My search was on as I was looking out for better opportunities when I came in contact with some of selected candidates. They made me understand the intricacies involved in preparation for Civil Services Examination and encouraged me to go for it”, he added.

Then, an incident that changed my life was 26/11; I was in my first year when this unpleasant incident occurred. I was not having that knowledge with which I could treat the patients; but, I could at least be of assistance to them.

Mumbai was shaken badly and a large number of injured people were brought to JJ Hospital, being the largest government hospital – a premier as well as oldest institution; that was quite near to my hospital. I was watching how victims were treated with emergency and situation was worse. Dare circumstance at hospital and to manage such vast casualties was really tough.

Recalling that awful event, Shrikrishna said, “I had a great impact on my ideas as I was thinking about victims and sufferers, how to deal with such situations; what about their families and many such issues that impact day-to-day life of a common man. This firmed my decision in favour of ‘Civil Services’ and I got involved with serious preparation.“

After completing MBBS in 2013, his first attempt was in haste. Elaborating about it he said, “I relied on self-study so; I picked up Medical Science as optional subject. It was strategic as well as I aimed to get good score in optional subject."

"I understood, it requires comprehensive coverage of syllabus and conceptual clarity is required for understanding and analysis. With basic preparation from NCERT books, I referred to one standard textbook for each constituent and prepared.

Actually, the Main Examination pattern was just changed, the knowledge that was shared had little use in planning this attempt. Moreover, there was introduction of General Studies Paper IV that required fresh insights. The only thing I did was just tried my best; but, that was not matching exam standards”, he added.

In next CSE 2014 I reached Interview stage; but, couldn’t find name in merit-list.

This time I focussed more on current affairs and worked on presentation with value addition where it was needed. With these efforts, in this third attempt, I found my name sticking at 16th place in the merit-list.

Expanding views about Civil Services Examination, Shrikrishna said, “First, Make a concrete plan; Plan your studies and maintain consistency. If you are not able to succeed in first attempt, give it little more time and enhanced efforts to let things take shape.”

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